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  1. I have heard nothing but good so I ordered my G4 got it today and the leg straps and chest strap which is "black" Looks like some old material they have been kicking around the floor for a few weeks. It almost looks grey, in fact my 11 year old Javelin has better looking straps. Was this a fluke that made it out or is this to be expected? Other than that it is beautiful and comfy but for the price I paid I would think it would be better. Input appreciated as I dont have one to compare for a few weeks. Thanks Ben
  2. Highly recommend this one. The staff put us up for the night wo we could have toilets showers and shelter instead of tents. super helpfull with advice and getting our friend in the air with a tandem while other dropzones said he was to big. Jumped with several of the locals who were more than willing to be friendly and coach when needed. We will be back with scenery like that and great weekend.
  3. If spectra is dyneema thats fine I just am uneducated on this subject and would love to be learned. Thanks for any input anyone can give.
  4. The tag that came with it from para gear said 650 dyneema for the lines.
  5. Katan came with dyneema lines instead of the spectra, I am unfamiliar with these lines, anyone care to give me some insight. Thank You Ben
  6. wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction on which audible is good for helping on the swoops? Thanks Ben
  7. I have been jumping for 13 years and worked down to a 98 xaos 27. Since I only average 150 jumps per season and a hanfull in the winter I am wanting a canopy that gets me going again each season or for demos in tighter spaces. Wondered if anyone had any ideas of something in the 120 range that would be fun. Thanks
  8. thanks for the input Ben
  9. as I gave up camera flying for the last couple of years I kinda fallin out of the loop of cameras. Now that I am getting back in I was wondering if I could get some input on some of the cheaper new models of sonys camcorders, and how everybody is liking them. Thanks Ben
  10. apparently I need to come jump with you all cause here in kansas we dont have to many chicks that look like that jumping
  11. Thanks to all for the ideas. I will be carefull, I am working into it slowely. I thumped once in a diablo and slowed down alot. I do jump in kansas, low altitude and lots of wind. As far as the crossfire I sold that damn thing after three collapse's one at 30 feet.
  12. thanks for ideas this long of a swooping canopy is new to me. last was a crossfire good but not this good. so I might have a lil somthin somthin left and not know it. Thanks
  13. I have a 98 xaos 27, I love it and the swoops. What I am trying to figure out is how to bleed off more speed before hitting the ground. I havent messed with rear riser landings much but the more speed I feed on final the more I have to run. Is there a way to bleed off more speed such as taking a wrap(havent done that in about 10 years) or is it a rear thing or underload overload or nature of the beast?? Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.190 out the door