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  1. That is per the manual. Or specifically the manual tree says "Deploy drogue immediately". Per manual deploying drogue aggressively is only described in text for unrecovered instability on exit. In the tree it's different... Personally I don't like having drogue non aggressivily as an option.
  2. Just the exact same tree as in the sigma manual: Just to get back in shape for the next season. I've made a few more with extra general quiz questions that can be seen if clicking other at the top.
  3. I've been doing the alternative routing for my last 200ish jumps on both my Mirage and my Micron (Although for micron/vector the mirage alternative is the primary way) I strongly prefer it since there is no chance of messing with the bridle and/or pin when open and closing the pin cover for pin check. Also the velcro wears out. New Vectors come without the velcro.
  4. I really like the Mirage semi stowless. Mirages and especially G4s have a sort of tear drop shape and a sort of weird different bag shape. A bag from another manufacturer would not fit that well. Link to few pictures of my mirage and semi stowless bag.
  5. Patents are indeed 20 years. Patents only apply for a country where you've applied for it. So if you apply for a patent in the US someone in france is free to copy it in the French market but can't export it to the US. You allso have to apply for all countries where you want the patent at once. To recieve a patent your idea has to be novel and if there is a patent in another country for the same thing even if it is yours it is no longer novel.
  6. The thing is that a saber two would be a pretty shitty for kiting. A parachute has to be designed around opening in flight and a bunch of more things that a normal foil kite does not which means a bunch of compromises a foil kite doesn't have to make.
  7. This is exactly the regulation in Sweden. a reserve repack is air worthy for 6 months which can then be extended to 12 months with an external inspection.
  8. Aerodyne?
  9. A thing to note is that sony has optical stabilization and the gopro has software stabilization. What that means in real terms is that the gopro crops the image to stabilize it. If you shoot the gopro at max resolution there is nothing left to crop and stabilization is not available.