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  1. Quagmirian. Bravo. Seriously bravo! It's awesome to read this thread. Especially the negative comments from the people saying you'd never make a jumpable canopy.. look at you now with several of them! Awesome!
  2. Thanks. That's exactly how mine were installed. They came stock with the new wings SSdbag when I got it last year and figured I'd give them a try. They retain the lines with considerably less traction then even single stow on a large rubber band. With my HMA700 lines anyway.
  3. was refering to these beauties that I was using first and hard 2 hard openings, prior to switching over to double wrapped rubber bands which I am currently using. (please see attachement) Thanks for all your comments.
  4. Thanks for the replys Guys. I was mainly wondering if sometimes lasting only one jump was normal or I'm just not good at double wrapping. In my original first post I wassn't suspecting the rubber bands as the issue, but mentioned the bungee style elastics that I had been using and had since had hard openings, and then switched to rubber bands double wrapped. I have had no hard openeings since using the rubber bands double wrapped but replace them evey jump day, sometimes a couple times a day :)
  5. Hi guys. I was using bungee style elastics for a while on my wings S.S. D-Bag with HMA700. The durability of the elastics were great but I had 2 hard openings since. The 2nd one was too much. Needing to put chances on my side and eliminate possible causes I switched out the bungee elastics and started using rubber bands, double wrapped. I don’t get many jumps out of them before they snap or start to show signs of failure. Like 4 or 5 jumps. Sometimes only one. How about you guys? How often are you replacing your double wrapped rubber bands? I’m using the 2 inch X 3/8 inch X .070 spec. Thanks
  6. About the SS-Dbags As stated, the ideal situation for a favorable opening is that the lines come to full stretch prior to the canopy exiting the bag. If the locking stows are tightly double wrapped on a semi-stowless bag this is almost sure to happen. The lines will very likely come to full stretch prior to unlocking the bag and exposing the canopy. This is what the goal is. Personally I jump a wings SS-Dbag with HMA700 lines, 4 double wrapped locking stows on a sabre2. My openings are fu%king awesome.