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  1. You need to pay attention to the yolk/over the shoulder measurement. Most everything else can be adjusted..
  2. 16' British Protector is the smallest chest mount reserve..
  3. Very interesting. Does USPA or PIA know?
  4. I have 3000 jumps on my right knee.. most are tandems... yes I can run out a landing no issues.. been known to strap on skis and snow board without braces...
  5. Find Paul Fayard... also N8446Z has a field approval
  6. Well said.... I would like to know if there is actual case law affecting this issue as it pertains to minors in skydiving.. not some hypothetical circumstance... the board must reverse this decision..
  7. PM me I will be happy to work with you..
  8. She is on the boogie circut...I will use the secret brother Bat Phone and tell her to answer her phone. Did you call on Friday? Whe will never answer the phone on Friday. Cheers, MJ
  9. it's a Mark II PC with the "dog House" removed. The reason there is no data panel. Cheers, MJ
  10. Locarno, Switzerland is my vote...
  11. I watched the meeting on cable..... A) Overall very pro business and skydiving. B) Kim Gibs shot herself in the foot. Complaining that Mile-Hi was flying that morning when in fact we were not. C) FAA and Airport management gave a great presentation and proved that Mile-Hi was in the best location possible. No Laws have been broken. "Hush Kits" are not possible on twin otters are not possible. D) Within 24 hours of the meeting "Citizens for Quiet Skies" can no longer be found. All and all a very positive result. It's quiet, maybe a little too quiet