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  1. rigpacker

    inside cover of parachutist Jan 05

    is it just me or does that nice looking purple rig not really fit her?
  2. rigpacker

    Racer 2K3

    It fits like a glove. I use less tools to close the pop top than any other rig. Price is good. All the rigs from the various manufacturers out there are good and for the most part safe, this one is just the best. Do some research before you throw a box on your back. keep it simple blu skys
  3. rigpacker

    Mike Mullins' King Air?

    i got a look at the stamp on the door frame it said B-90 air frame ...sure B-90
  4. rigpacker

    new orleans dz?

    Was there ever a skydive new orleans if so, where, when, and why no more thanx
  5. rigpacker

    No-Sew Fingertrap

    ***It's an old sailor's trick... Quote it's not ours, we did not think of it but we like it blu skys
  6. rigpacker

    Ripcord / Pin Test: Pass or Fail

    ***I doubt you'll find a lot of spare ripcords lying around to replace it Quotei will bring some for the two pin customer's blu skys
  7. rigpacker

    How dodgy?

    wow, i got 98 years and 9500 fine i've been very bad
  8. rigpacker


    my cat likes to chase dogs around the dz
  9. rigpacker

    Sabre2 170 in a J2

    ***is anyone jumping a sabre/sabre2 190 in a j3? if so, what size reserve and how difficult is packing? my girls got a 2002 odyssey j-3 PD176R W/sabre2 190 fit is fine, however manufacturers do know a thing or two about their rig
  10. rigpacker

    Ripcord Tests, Day 1--LONG

    ***I agree with tombuch about re-sealing another rigger's pack job. Provided it is noted on the packing data card, I cannot see what the fuss is about. ditto
  11. rigpacker

    Jumpshack vendor at Goodtime boogie

    I will at the Goodtime Boogie with some demo equipment from Jumpshack. There will be Firebolt canopies in many sizes to demo. Also, stop by to check out the latest 2K3 and PowerRacer designs. I will also bring the Jumpshack cutaway rig for possible jumping, conditions permitting. hope to see ya there blu skys, Al@jumpshack.com remember when all else fails, track away from the big dirt ball
  12. had a new one do that to me once on a javlin made me see red
  13. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> give us a call, we have easier ways than this Oh - and about 5 years ago - a group of California riggers table-tested both loops and could not see the difference in deployments. Quote i would like to see this data the "airtec way" utilizes a "non adjustable, floating" closing loop. Back when Helmet introduced the idea, we evaluated and rejected it on the grounds that our loop has already went through the tso process, and there is a senario that we looked at that could make the floating closing loop jam, resulting in......a really bad day healthy banter is what makes this country great [email]al@jumpshack.com