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  1. I Agreed! I was thinking maybe this is the start of a book OR short stories submission?
  2. I truly enjoyed reading every single piece, thank you for sharing!
  3. There are currently (3) dropzones in the surrounding Las Vegas area & here in Southern Nv. Go Jump Vegas - Jean, NV *recently purchased less than a year / Ex Tandem Factory https://gojump-america.com/lasvegas/? Skydive Fyrosity - Overton, NV https://www.skydivefyrositylasvegas.com/ Skydvie Mesquite - Mesquite, NV https://www.skydivemesquite.com/ All (3) can & do have fun jumpers from my understanding, but IMHO & I am willing to admit that I am biased, lol... the DZO Brad @ Skydive Mesquite caters to fun jumpers, it's that friendly skyfam all is welcome feel that keeps ME going back each weekend!
  4. Las Vegas Local Fun Jumper Here! Skydive Mesquite caters to any & all fun jumpers, our big bird caravan is back for the winter season running on the weekends, Cessna 182 during week-days UNLESS enough people can & will manifest to get big bird up! Located just an hour outside of town heading North towards St. George. Find our fun jumper page on Facebook, some of us carpool as well! https://www.skydivemesquite.com/