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  1. Hello We're trying to locate my Wifes father, a WALTER JOSEF STREIT. He is/was a German National, that we believe flew private light aircraft in several airbases in England during the 70's/80's. (Headcorn and Northumberland), & unfortunately, walked out of her life when she was very young. She just wants to put the family jigsaw pieces together. We found out recently that Walter was a well known figure in the UK skydiving world in the late 70's and early eighties. He and his small dog toured the country's drop zones in an all white Cessna 206 Turbo registered G-JAKO. His stock in trade was to pitch up offering high altitude climbs with a basic oxygen system on board using the Cessna. A peripatetic life around the UK airfields when there was just one civil turbine aircraft in UK skydiving and normally aspirated piston engined aircraft everywhere else. He also flew Starfighters while serving in the German AirForce. (Thank you Rob, from over at [url] If anyone has anything to add, or any other leads we'd really appreciate it. Thank you.