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  1. If you make it to Tennessee, you GOT to go to Mike Mullin's place in Memphis. Let's have some FUN !!!
  2. One chop every 125 jumps ??? He should FIRE his packers. Let's have some FUN !!!
  3. I still have a ticket for Cowboy's Caravan. Let's have some FUN !!!
  4. I have jumped about a dozen different DC3s. Most carried 40 jumpers. Some carried 45. Let's have some FUN !!!
  5. Anybody heard anything about when and where the funeral will be ? Let's have some FUN !!!
  6. Depends on who is wearing it. Let's have some FUN !!!
  7. Sometimes they land like THIS Let's have some FUN !!!
  8. I do not know what map you are looking at but Millington to WTS is about 6o miles and Millington to Tullahoma is about 200 miles. Millington is a little north and west of Memphis. Let's have some FUN !!!
  9. You can not go wrong by going to WTS. It is a great DZ with a great airplane. Lots of fun jumpers to play with. Let's have some FUN !!!
  10. Where do they go in Tennessee ? Mike Mullin's place outside Memphis is a great DZ with a Super King Air. Let's have some FUN !!!
  11. Too bad they won't get to keep it. If they win the national championship, it will be taken away also. That is whathappens when you cheat. Juat ask Reggie Bush . Let's have some FUN !!!
  12. Look , Jeff. All I am saying is this guy came to ASC and learned to skydive. He got good training and he got his money's worth. AND he had fun !! Skyride is a booking agency, ASC is a dropzone. If you have a beef with skyride, attack THEM. Let the skydivers at the dropzone alone and let them enjoy this great sport that we all love. Let's have some FUN !!!
  13. Just could not let somebody have some fun without you bringing all your negative bullshit into it. I bet he will have a lot more than 534 jumps after being in the sport for 16 years. All you do is sit at the computer and bitch. Go make a jump sometime ,Jeff. Let's have some FUN !!!
  14. Congrtadulations Adam. You done GOOD !!! Looking forward to having lots of fun with you. Fast Eddie Let's have some FUN !!!