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    Dealing with high shock loading

    And wasn't the pilot chute-controlled slider x-shaped?
  2. HPC

    Dealing with high shock loading

    This has been done before on earlier canopies, possibly accuracy canopies but I'm not certain, my memory isn't quite what it was.
  3. HPC

    Dealing with high shock loading

    Has it ever been determined which contributes more to hard openings, ZP or microline? I think that both came out within three years of each other (microline in 1986 and ZP in 1989) so time of introduction to determine this would be difficult since a three year spread isn't really enough to determine a trend for the microline.
  4. HPC

    Dealing with high shock loading

    This is exactly the point I've been debating with another poster on another thread.
  5. HPC

    Dealing with high shock loading

    How about risers designed to separate (fail at a predetermined point) to act like the weakest link, or a fuse like in electronics? They would separate at forces less than those that would kill or seriously injure the jumper. They would have to be built into a location so that it wouldn't interfere with the RSL. Worst case is that the jumper would have to replace his risers after a very hard opening (I.e. replace the fuse).
  6. HPC

    Dealing with high shock loading

    You've obviously been in the sport for a long time. Have you noticed any trends regarding equipment technology and changes to it compared to the frequency and severity of hard openings? Have fatal or maiming hard openings always been a problem to the degree they are today or did the trend go up with the introduction of ZP/microline? Is there any correlation that you can discern? Just curious.
  7. Sounds like you chose a Vortex over the Curv and RPC location was the deciding factor. Both are excellent rigs and are, in fact, at the top of my list in their respective RPC location categories.
  8. Personally, I've never followed the masses. I've always done my own thorough research, taken everything I could think of into account, and made my own decision. I'm the jumper you might see at a DZ who's the only one jumping a particular rig or canopy, but that's because I did my research and bought what I felt was the best item for me. I'll also defend my choice no end and back my choice with information and data. I never buy strictly on heresay.
  9. I had thought about web design as a choice in the survey but I was already up to 15 choices in the poll and was hesitant to add more. However, I've visited every major rig manufacturer's website and agree that some websites (and more specifically, rig design programs) are excellent while others are mediocre at best. Some websites are laid out poorly and it's difficult to find specific information. Some rig design programs are very intuitive and easy to use while others are difficult to figure out and clunky. However, since different monitors and screens will show colors differently and since actual fabric colors can be significantly different from what you see on the rig design program, I highly recommend getting color samples of Cordura, trim tape, and webbing from the manufacturer and lay them out on a table and experiment. Two colors that may look good on the monitor of your desktop, laptop or iPad may look much different when actual fabric samples are placed side-by-side. You can see clearly which rig manufacturers have gone the extra mile in the design of their websites and rig design programs and which ones have put little thought and investment into theirs.
  10. As far as fit goes, that depends on the jumper getting the right measurements. Often they don't. If the factory screws up (and nobody's perfect) even with correct measurements then correcting the problem to the customer's satisfaction falls under "Customer Service" which is one of the choices in the survey. Customer service is not just answering dozens of questions before the sale, more importantly it's how they handle screwups after the sale. Regarding the "tea party" comment you made (I'm sure I know what rig you're talking about) please read choice #14 which covers that. If a rig that has an issue is still doing decent business then that probably means one of two things - either customers don't do enough research to familiarize themselves with the problem or they're aware of the problem but have their priorities out of whack. That's one of the reasons I put that option in the survey, and the last time I checked that was, surprisingly, not high in the voting.
  11. Yeah, I should have specified that the question is standalone and not to be taken into consideration with anything else. There are also other considerations within strictly the reserve system itself, such as reserve container design and RPC spring type (conical, cylindrical, etc.)
  12. Feel free to list all reasons (e.g. speed of RPC launch, chances of RPC hesitating or not launching at all, appearance, etc.).
  13. When deciding on a new rig, what are the most important things that influence your final decision? You may select more than one but please keep it to just the most important. Please post in the thread to include anything that I might have missed.
  14. HPC

    2017-18 Wings

    Don't you mean impacting at reserve bridle stretch?
  15. That was just an example. The gist of the post is that the two handles are different colors and colors that stand out from the harness and jumpsuit. I've seen rigs in which both handles were the same color. But to clarify the example I gave, yellow is a lower level warning and red a higher level one. Even with traffic signals yellow comes before red. You have to cutaway before you can pull the reserve. It all depends on the individual's mindset and how they think. I prefer to think red-reserve as both begin with "re". But that's how I think. You don't want colors that are the same as everyone else if there are other colors that your mind would process easier. That's why rigs give options. Reserve pillow, or loop, or metal handle? It's a matter of individual preference. And don't worry about the color when it comes to resell because those components can be easily replaced by a new owner.
  16. One of the things I did was to repeat the following in my mind over and over again, even when not jumping. It trains your mind to act instinctively. RIGHT - RELEASE LEFT - LIVE I'm also a firm believer in handles that have a color that sticks out. I've seen rigs with a royal blue harness and royal blue cutaway handle. God forbid his jumpsuit is royal blue too. And for those who have two soft handles, it makes sense to have them different and contrasting (from the rig and jumpsuit) colors. For example, a yellow cutaway and red reserve handle. Yellow and red are universal warning colors.
  17. HPC

    Parachute Labs Firebolt

    Is it possible to get an all-ZP Firebolt? If so has one ever been tested and compared to a hybrid Firebolt in terms of opening, flying, and landing?
  18. Tried that before I posted.
  19. Because the AAD fired below its set altitude (e.g. 750' on a Cypres) or because it fired at its set altitude but the reserve didn't deploy and inflate in time?
  20. I can see not shipping by air but what about UPS or FedEx ground?
  21. Must be that kraut stubbornness.
  22. I wonder if not being allowed to ship batteries by themselves has something to do with the UPS 747-400 that crashed outside Dubai that was attributed to an inflight fire the root cause of which was determined to be the cargo of lithium-ion batteries among its cargo.
  23. Why can't they make the Vigil battery field-replaceable by a rigger? Sending it in means going without an AAD for a while, and shipping and even more so insurance just adds cost of ownership. Hypothetical question for you, legit question for Vigil manufacturer.
  24. Yeah, the earthtone-colored rigs sure dates it.
  25. HPC

    Am I being selfish

    From a safety standpoint - no, you're not being selfish. Skydiving is generally safe so long as you exercise common sense and basic safety practices. Just make sure you keep your priorities straight. From a time standpoint, don't pass on watching your kid play a sport, act in a school play, etc. in order to go skydiving. Ditto with financial resources. For example, don't have your kids wearing worn out sneakers (or maybe worse, buy the cheapest shoes/clothes available) in order to have equipment and lift ticket money. Also keep in mind that unless you make a buttload of money, you won't have the funds to both support your family as you should and skydive your rear off. If funds are limited, you may as well figure that you'll be a fun jumper instead of someone with the goal of becoming an expert in any discipline. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't try your best on the dives that you make, it just means that you won't be able to make the jump numbers necessary to become really good at a particular discipline. Discuss it with the Mrs., if she understands that you need to have your own hobby/sport I'm sure the two of you can work out a family/skydiving balance that keeps everyone happy. Hope this helps.