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  1. The other side of that coin... If you make the magazine a web page, it stays on the web forever, or as long as you pay your web host fees. That web copy is available for anyone in the entire world to view. You can't get more exposure than that. And every article shows up in google searches, by anyone looking for info. They can't get that out of "Parachutist" in print. As for the advertisers, instead of their ads disappearing in a month, they stay alive online forever. The more time their ads appear in web pages, they higher they rank in google searches. And they have that worldwide audience again, instead of just 35,000 active jumpers. They'll get *more* bang for their buck with online editions. The number of magazines that get left laying around where whuffos will see them very small. But the internet has more whuffos than you can shake a packing paddle at. Billions of them. I help out with a website for a small club of 150 people, not a skydiving club. I added Google Analytics to our web pages. This free software makes a call to a Google database every time a page is accessed, and it collects info on the viewer. I have been astounded to note that our little club gets page views from outside our city, around the United States, and even from around the world, and behind the old iron curtain like Russia and China. That's the power of the internet to make your word available to others. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself.
  2. The conundrum is that by the time the old farts have been around long enough to have gained wisdom, then the young folks think they're too old to be worth listening to. So the youngsters keep repeating the same mistakes which others have made in the past.
  3. You omitted to tell us something crucial: What is the nature of your back injury?
  4. Attached: Ed Scott on the possible dues increase, from the March "Parachutist" magazine.
  5. Randy's radio station memorializes him with a video:
  6. "Skydiver killed in midair collision identified as local voiceover actor" "‘The Walking Dead’ voice actor Randy Schell dies in skydiving accident" Obituary: