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  1. You're screwed if there is a chance for overcast, so what's the point? Go more inland. Bumper to bumper for hours can actually be fun. You can just pull off to the side of the road and get the party started. If you find enough cool people, you can go up and down the lanes passing out beers like we do here up in northern Michigan. If there are any hot chicks, they'll come out to play, no doubt. You'll usually get a couple of fat chick stragglers, so you're bound to see an eclipse one way or another. . .
  2. It's not funny tho. You're really not that far off from the truth in the greater scheme of things. But I've been working on building a new character: Stay tuned. . .
  3. correcceo


    Not for long. Took my mom about 2 months from diagnosis to death. Sorry to hear that. . . .but my implication was for those who are "blessed" to live long enough to become disabled. The very young and very old don't seem to fare as well. 20-50 year olds seem to have a better chance depending on the type of mutation. It seems the main challenge for kids is that they're just not strong enough to handle the radiation and various chemo treatments/pills. I know of a 7 year-old that had the same thing my fianee has. They gave her nothing. They said the treatment would practically kill her. Off the record, they advised to to see a street pharmacist for cannabis oil that they couldn't prescribe - not just for pain/nausea, but to actually stop tumor progression since it could pass the blood/brain barrier, similar to newer brain cancer chemo pills like Temodar. She was still dead in 6 months. I just don't get this shit, I really don't. It would help if we at least knew what was causing it, but everyone seems reluctant to offer opinions.
  4. I've posted plenty of information from the CDC on how to address the issue, but it seems to fall on dead ears because if focuses on improving inner city life. Liberals don't want to hear that. They want to hear how the conservative gun-toting white man is to blame! Because it's a good city to focus on from a research perspective. Taking a jab at BLM doesn't negate that. Besides, I read somewhere that crime in this country is projected to rise by 13%, half of which would be attributed to Chicago alone - that's a big deal. Stop deflecting.
  5. This is ultimately the problem. The CDC has offered recommendations to alleviate this problem, but nobody seems to care since those recommendations don't include fucking the white legal gun-toting conservatives that have nothing to do with the problem. . .
  6. correcceo


    From my fiancee's experience with this type of cancer, this is probably gonna be the best he feels for a long time. . .maybe ever. Trust me, treatment's a bitch. But I know, I'm missing the point. Interestingly enough tho, people with his type of cancer will most likely end up disabled and qualify for Medicaid regardless. . .
  7. Haha: "Quit givin' me my ammo; can't you see why I'm so mean? If y'all leave me alone this wouldn't be my M.O. I wouldn't have to go eenee-meene-minie-moe Catch a homo by his toe, man, I don't know no more Am I the only fuckin' one who's normal any more?" "So it's easy to misinterpret it at first ‘Cause when I speak, it's tongue-in-cheek I'd yank my fuckin' teeth Before I'd ever bite my tongue, I'd slice my gums Get struck by fuckin' lightning twice at once And die and come back as Vanilla Ice's son And walk around the rest of my life spit on And kicked and hit with shit every time I sung Like R. Kelly as soon as "Bump and Grind" comes on" Get A Clue. . .
  8. And here's a nice fuck you to all the moderators that keep deleting my shit: You might as well put it on repeat. . .
  9. There are only a few song writers I like more than Guy Clark. Ya, for some reason I thought you'd appreciate that song after I posted it. Had no idea you were a fan. . . I got a pretty good friend Who' seen me at my worst He can' tell if I'm a blessing Or a curse But he always shows up When the chips are down That' the kind of stuff I like to be around
  10. Nah, it's like a secret handshake - it doesn't really mean shit, but it's good enough to get you into the club. . .
  11. There are only a few song writers I like more than Guy Clark. It's weird. After posting that song, I wondered who the hell is gonna appreciate it? For some reason you came to mind. I had no idea you were a fan. . . "I got a pretty good friend Who' seen me at my worst He can' tell if I'm a blessing Or a curse But he always shows up when the chips are down That's the kind of stuff I like to be around"
  12. I love metal and classic rock. I grew up on the earliest of rap music and grew to love Eminem. But when all's said and done and the act is over for the night, this is who I really am: Stuff that works: "The kind of stuff you reach for when you fall" I can't really think of a better fitting song.
  13. From your article, rush - I mean Phil: "The United States of America (USA) is the most sought after destination for immigration. The USA is a multi-cultural nation that attracts people from all parts of the world. The US society is immigrant-friendly. The country has a very strong economy. The education system of the USA is among the best in the world and it has many of the world’s best universities and business schools." I'm sure the rich people in European countries live well, but the poor don't fare as well as in the U.S The least European countries could do is offer universal healthcare knowing that their poor will never have a chance. . . Now you can post all the liberal biased bullshit you want trying to contradict that fact, but would you bet your family's future on it?
  14. correcceo


    Well, if they were such the assholes that everyone is making them out to be, then they could replace it with whatever they hell they wanted to, right? I mean, If Obamacare is sooo bad, who's stopping them? The fact is, is that they're still looking out for the American people as a whole. Obamacare is good enough for now, just don't say it out loud. . .
  15. That's fine, stop and frisk is unconstitutional. That's one of the reasons that make this country so great. Cops need cause, unlike many European countries. Just know that since the end of stop and frisk, crime has went up - at least in Chicago. You can't have your cake and eat it too.