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  1. Hi everyone ! I would like to know why it's REALLY IMPOSSIBLE now to come and work in US without "be legal to work in US"... ? I know we get some solutions... to be sponsoring by the employer but all DZ are not intersted by that ... but why ?! Thanks for all answer I'll get
  2. Rafy

    Legal to work in US

    Thanks for you answer I'm not really sure to understand your question.... I try to come and work in US and I've been in contact with many many DZ, but first question it's always, are you legal to work in US ? So if your question is : how many DZ are looking for full time instructor, my answer is : A LOT If your question mean, do you know what it cost to a DZ to employ a no-US resident, my answer is : NO... I'm really trying to know WHY they are not ok ton sponsor peoples so if it cost money, now I understand... I really looking forward to find a solution to get a work permit and come to US, so if you get any advice or idea let me know