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  1. Thanks for you answer I'm not really sure to understand your question.... I try to come and work in US and I've been in contact with many many DZ, but first question it's always, are you legal to work in US ? So if your question is : how many DZ are looking for full time instructor, my answer is : A LOT If your question mean, do you know what it cost to a DZ to employ a no-US resident, my answer is : NO... I'm really trying to know WHY they are not ok ton sponsor peoples so if it cost money, now I understand... I really looking forward to find a solution to get a work permit and come to US, so if you get any advice or idea let me know
  2. Hi everyone ! I would like to know why it's REALLY IMPOSSIBLE now to come and work in US without "be legal to work in US"... ? I know we get some solutions... to be sponsoring by the employer but all DZ are not intersted by that ... but why ?! Thanks for all answer I'll get