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  1. Why do you want it? There is heaps more, updated and current, information available for free online. Have a look at flylikebrick.com as a start.
  2. Zeemax

    Relocated to Eloy, brought my ten suits

    WTF - I was just about to come out to the east coast. Some times monkey, I think you're avoiding me.
  3. Zeemax

    Wingsuit rig?

    The Vector is excellent and well worth the wait
  4. Zeemax

    Wingsuit Rentals No More

    I'm confused. Does this mean you're no longer in business, or are you just changing the terminology for legal reasons?
  5. Zeemax

    I'm making a Wing suit video game, tips?

    With all due respect, there's quite a few games already doing the same thing on a number of different platforms. What will yours offer that will be different?
  6. Zeemax

    PF Shadow hand straps

    Can you add a photo of which style you have?
  7. Zeemax

    Looking for wing suit coach

    You may get more responses if you say where you are and what you're looking for :)
  8. Zeemax

    Which DZ for wingsuit holiday

    Check out Z Hills or Elsinore. Either would be a good option, though if you're coming from the UK, whic at a random guess I think you are, Z Hills will be better for journey time. Also, Florida has tons of wife friendly stuff to do all within an hour of the DZ :)
  9. Zeemax

    Got my P2

    You're welcome dude. Looks great. Let us know how it flies :)
  10. Zeemax

    Regaining altitude...

    Don't you mean reducing fall rate in relation to others? ;)
  11. Zeemax

    wingsuits in XKCD

    That made my brain hurt
  12. Zeemax

    Online w/s channel

    www.wingsuitnews.com There you go, someone already did it for you
  13. Zeemax

    birdman firebird manual ??

    What info are you looking for? How to lace the suit up? Have you had an FFC yet? That should be covered as part of the course. As should flying it. If you need any help, depending on where you are in the country, give me a shout and i'll talk you through it
  14. Zeemax

    New Phoenix Fly P2z (at Work)

    Awesome looking suit and great pics... However, you are missing one key ingredient...