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  1. If you are licensed and looking to jump...look elsewhere. When I showed up there this year, there were really no experienced jumpers around to jump. Visited SDC the next day and the talent was like night and day. If you are looking to do a tandem, CSC is great! If you are a licensed skydiver and you would like to do anything more than a two way, you might want to consider another DZ in the midwest.
  2. look for a grubby guy...sponsored...minus a rig or two...with a hair cut...he will sort you out. good luck... -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"
  3. Nope...wont be attending...sorry...I would love to...ask Dag why I wont be able to better things to do.
  4. Are you sure about that??? Why is it that newbies look toward others on to fix their issues... If posting...isnt that big of an issue...why wouldnt we make the talk back posts a nonissue??? -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"
  5. yeah...keep posting...keep posting...its only so many posts to become a "skygod"...hit it!!! -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"
  6. exactly!!!!! -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"
  7. huh...I have been registered for over a year and I havent had that many that I have had a few...I am post whoring??? I guess that there is no winning??? Either I do or dont know aboout figure it out...scary, huh??? -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"
  8. this thread has finished...I will be done....good idea though...but I am very serious...I am just making a point that jump numbers vs. post numbers are silly...what are we going to do??? I have just seen soooooooo many people (i.e. ron) say that there is a big to'do about jump numers vs post numbers. So what is the big deal about negating "talk back" posts??? -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"
  9. well done!!! love ya!!! -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"
  10. Is there a reason that the most people that are pissed are the people with a ton of posts??? I really dont see a lot of people that dont have a lot of jumps with a ton of posts protesting??? so if doesnt make a difference to the people that "know better"...who cares?...get rid of the talk back fodder!!! -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"
  11. This is apparently why posts are just as valuable as jumps!!! -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"
  12. what do you mean you "no business born, insecure, jock jawed motha fucka!!!""" Do a search...If you are can figure it out. -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"
  13. whatever you want...its on me!!! -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"
  14. again...bring it!!! edit to reply...numbers dont mean a thing...scary isnt it??? -Dolemite "Officially disapproved by the man"