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  1. Thanks. I actually talked with several much more experienced folks than myself over the weekend..who gave me similar advice. I have a friend who is going to let me demo his Crossfire 3 149 which is roughly the same size as my Sabre2 150. He said the same thing you did. Get to know the different canopy then later on decide about moving down. Who knows? I may just end up sticking with what I've got.
  2. Can someone explain the difference in flight characteristics between Sabre 2 and Crossfire 2? I'm no stranger to Sabre 2's. I've put roughly 200 jumps on the Sabre 2's I currently have. (150 and 170) I will downsize at some point in the future and just wondering how the Crossfire 2 compares to Sabre 2? Thanks a bunch.
  3. Yup. There's a cool lady AFFI who used to work at my dz in Tennessee, and she was on both of those record night jumps. She took me up on my first AFF jump, a coach jump and my first night jump last year. In a way night jumps are scary, but the 2 I've done were so exhilarating, so fun and I felt super-focused and enjoyed every minute both times, even though my first landing was pretty rough. Last night's landing was way better. I would definitely like to do more of them, and will get more visible equipment. And that bike light is EXACTLY what i was looking for. Thanks for the info!
  4. So I did my second night jump last night and I loved it. I may do a few more. All we wore last night were glow sticks and bright strobes. I've seen video and images of people wearing like a string of LED's when they do night jumps. What are those called and where can i get some? I've attached a pic...hope it shows up. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, that's what i figured. I got a sticker i really like and want to put it right there, but the sticker isn't quite big enough to cover it all. I'll prob just run across another sticker one day.
  6. I know it's a longshot, but does anyone out there know/have experience with removing the G3 Cookie Logo from the back of your helmet? I like the helmet, I've jumped it many times, but I hate the logo and want to put a small sticker there. I can't tell if this logo is a sticker or what. It doesn't appear to be but thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, Vlady has been real cool. Said to hang tight and we'll figure something out when the reopen in a few days. At least this happened in the winter.
  8. Yeah, I actually added an inch to my crotch measurement and it's still to tight. Expensive suit, too, and it's my first one as i'm relatively new to the sport. I sent them a video and pics and owner said he'd have his pattern team view what i sent and get back to me next week. They're closed until Jan 4th. Ugh. Thanks for all replies though.
  9. So I received my new Vertical Z-Suit today and I knew it would be a little tight at first, but its very tight in the crotch area, like uncomfortable to sit down tight. The rest of the suit is fine so i don't understand this one part being so tight as its not like I'm especially gifted in that area, I'm just a regular dude. I also don't care to have my entire package on display just walking around. Does anyone know if this area will loosen up some over time like the rest of the suit supposedly does? Or does this need to go back for alteration? Vertical charges a lot for alteration plus shipping back and forth to Canada isn't cheap either, so i hate to send it back if I don't really have to. Does anyone else have experience with this? Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm a relatively new to the sport, recently A-Licensed and have only jumped in the hot Tennessee summer and fall. Temperatures are dropping soon. What's good to wear for winter jumps?? Thanks !
  11. Thanks everyone. I decided to get a Cookie since I already tried one on and it fit so well. Have to buy things one piece at a time to continue affording jumps, so audible will have to wait. I do fine with my dz's analogs. i just want audible for backup. I checked out the brilliant pebbles. Seems like a cool, affordable route, but it doesn't work with iPhone so i can't use it right now. Will continue to check back though. Would like to know more about the upcoming digital when info is available...price, specs and so forth. Thanks again
  12. I recently finished AFF and did a solo after. I've done 11 jumps and plan to continue. I'd like to get a full face helmet but need more info. I tried on a Cookie G3 at the dz and it fit me like a glove. The field of vision seemed adequate, too. I hear the Phantom XV has a better field of vision, but I wouldn't know because I've never seen one in person. Thoughts on comparing the two? Also, I'd like to get an audible altimeter. I was told the Atlas doesn't fit well in the Cookie, does anyone have experience with that? I like the idea of an altimeter that is both visual and audible in case I wanna switch it up. (dz will continue to let me use their analog) Suggestions??? Thanks.