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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWBW8fL0JHMQuote
  2. Thank you all for your info and support. Since the DZ will be down for nationals this week and next, im looking to do some more tunnel time. yes when the incident happened that day i did 5 jumps, it may or may not have had an effect on my performance idk. I didnt seem tiered but i was really pumped to do my first 5 sec FF. Relaxing could be key here. I just really want to get there b4 season ends so thats why i push myself to do more than i prolly should.
  3. Les Brown - "It's Possible" :) Yes I am willing to die for this. Literally. It's my new passion and joy in life.. I do have really bad addictive tendencies tho. But I also have a mind set that I can achieve anything I put my mind to and continue to work on. 1st question. I put these jumps in about a month. From 7/23 to 8/26, jumping 3 to 5 jumps per day only on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday. 2nd the place I jump doesnt provide AFF only the IAD if I do AFF I will have to goes somewhere else. not a big problem tho considering I drive 2 1/2 hours to that DZ.
  4. So I have 24 jumps in so far. 2 Tandem (first 2 jumps) 3-12 Simple Arch. Mistakes - would look out instead of up, de-arch after leaving plane, legs uneven result in twist (must get 2 good consecutive arch to progress) 13-21 PRCP (newspaper) Mistakes - would de-arch when practice pull, would kick right leg when practice pull. (Must get 3 good Practice Pulls to move foward. 22-23 Pop and Pull. By this stage I had worked out most of these bad habits I developed and done 2 good Pop and Pulls in a row. Mistakes, still had a slight de-arch while pulling chute or kick with right leg. 24 5 second Free Fall. First Cut Away although I could have just pulled Reserve. On my first 5 sec free fall all my bad habits just kicked my butt. Looked down as soon as I left the plane, de-arched, went on back so I arched again as soon as I went belly to earth I tried to pull and kicked my right leg tumbled couldnt find chute, tumbled till i could get head down (off back) Cut away and pulled reserve. canopy fully opened at about 900-1k. so it was close. I know these mistakes are habits I have developed from the beginning and the 2 that kill me is the leg kick and de-arch while going for the pilot chute. I have spent 4 mins in a wind tunnel to practice arch and belly to earth which went great. Do you think jumping with 2 instructors guiding me (AFF) would help vs the baby steps (IAD) method? ANY GUIDANCE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.