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  1. He's a video pro with 100's+ jumps, of course he knows how to geek a camera. I doubt she's hit triple digit jumps, and doesn't have the onsreeen experience, so of course shes not going to give a "believeable" performance. It seemed genuine to me.
  2. Having finally seen the uncut clip, I can say with certainty that there was nothing unsafe about this dive. From the pilot who was clearly doing what he was supposed to with minimal distraction, to the altitude awareness of the TI. Without question, this is the fantasy of 95% who go through the door. Congrats to those involved! Instant legend!
  3. To this day, I still can't get enough of Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The online multiplayer is well balanced in that the better player usually wins the gunfight, and there are no "noob tube" type weapons. The online community has certainly dwindled over the last two years, but it's still pretty active. The community also seems to be more mature (for the most part) than other FPS games mentioned in this thread.
  4. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (360) FTW? I haven't taken it out of the tray since May...
  5. Has she been playing Rainbow Six Vegas 2 recently? The GT looks familiar
  6. Just passing a song in expert mode is impressive. I just "mastered" medium, and am stuck on one song in hard, just like I did on GH2. You should take your skills down to Best Buy and pick up chicks!
  7. TDS - Total Dissolved Solids TDS accumulate over time, and the only way to reduce this level is a partial drain. I still think something is wrong with the filtration system...
  8. Check you pH level. Chances are it's low, causing dissolved metals/minerals to come out of solution and deposit themselves on the pool surface. Dumping bags of acid (muriatic acid not citric) into the pool isn't helping the situation. Use more acid to clean the stains, get your pH back where it needs to be (7.4-7.6) and address the filter problem. It should not allow "cloudy" water back in.
  9. I waz gonna help ya til you called me unedjumacated. Now it'l cost ya $80 per hour.
  10. SLOfreefall

    ufc 79

    I'm going out on a limb, and say that Chuck will put a stop to this short losing streak, and take down Silva (again). Chuck hasn't looked the same in his last two bouts, but he's got skills! Who else is on the card?
  11. My vote would be Taft. The drive is shorter than Hollister, and the student program is good. Excellent instructors, friendly atmosphere, and great views!