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  1. Got it, will work on perfecting the timing then. Good thing my DZ offers a monthly canopy coaching course, will dial up that timing. Also my extra 3 inches on the break lines should help me to get more performance out of my boat. Thanks!
  2. So I just need more 5k and canopy coaching. When there's 0 or downwind it is like 50% standup/run and 50% slide so working on that. Also my canopy coach just recently noticed that my breaklines are too short, canopy bucks on front riser approach but then it got worse because I noticed a bit of it during full flight! So, I have been flying like this for who knows how long without full flight-> flare power. I just got the break lines extended so now I just need some no wind days to test =)
  3. Hi everyone, first time I post in this website. There's this question in my mind about the flare power and landings. I remember reading in "The Parachute And Its Pilot" about how some skydivers can gain extra speed (front riser approach) and that helps during no wind days because it translates into more flare power and thus you don't have to run that much. I now have around 730 jumps and about 150 of those have been front riser landings (in my Safire3 179) and sometimes I kinda see that it helps with no wind landings but maybe because I am not that precise yet, sometimes I still have to baseball land it because I feel I am still going too fast anyway (no wind or a bit downwind days). My canopy coach is the opinion that it can be done in no winds, be able to harness the power of that front riser surge and translate it into not having to run it like crazy during no wind days but the flare needs to be very precise. Some other canopy coaches have told me that regardless of turning speed to lift, one still goes too fast sometimes and so you still need to run it in no wind conditions. What is your take? Thanks