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  1. Geno1


    First my experience level. 180 jumps, older jumper in late 50s who needed a soft opening canopy. That was my primary objective, soft and snively openings. I bought a used Fusion 210 loaded at 1.3:1. Openings are so soft, and like others have stated, the inflation phase at the end of deployment can get a little wild with some off-heading openings. However, I always limit my jumps to no more than 4 in a group, bigway jumps are not my thing nor will they ever be. I ensure I have tracked a full five seconds from breakoff, never any lower than 5,500, and give notice to all jumpers in my group. In my age group, hard openings can and do kill, and after having one on my first large canopy where I was temporarily knocked out, I vowed never to have it happen again. I have put over 70 jumps on this Fusion 210, and all of them have been smooth, gentle, and fun. The flight characteristics are even better, with a flare so powerful it took me by surprise on the first few jumps compared to my Pilot.
  2. Geno1


    From the moment you arrive, you are treated as family. The people are what make this dropzone awesome. Parking is about 400 feet from the main facility, but a golf cart is available for fun jumpers to go to/from the car with your equipment. Fun jumper packing area is separate from the main building, and is carpeted, has walls on three sides to eliminate most of the wind, while allowing a gentle breeze to keep you cool. On-site restaurant is available for breakfast, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, milk shakes, etc. Manifest can be accessed either through the "tunnel", or in the air conditioned lobby. Swoop pond is really nice, also with the ability to kayak or fish. On-site free camping is available along the tree line, along with rental RV sites including water, sewer, and electric hookups (50/30/15 amp!). Large heated/air conditioned bunkhouse is available for a small fee. Huge bonfire area next to the pond is awesome for after jump nights under the stars! Aircraft are meticulously maintained, and include a 2000 model year turboprop Caravan to get to full altitude in just minutes, as well as a Cessna 182 for hop and pops, and days when there are light loads. A limousine-style golf cart (seats 12) sees a lot of action picking up jumpers in the student, A, and B license area, eliminating those long walks back to the packing area. All in a very beautiful and peaceful setting, you need to check out this dropzone. There is a mix of student jumpers, new jumpers, and experienced jumpers here, and you always feel at home at this dropzone. Highly recommended!