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  1. So you were a superstar AFF student wearing a camera! You were't an idiot, so the rules don't apply to you! AWESOME! I couldn't be happier for you getting that sweet pov of your checkdive....whatever use that waste of harddrive space is to anyone?

    You don't want rules stopping people from jumping cameras. Ok. What if it wasn't a tiny gopro? What if he wanted to use a fullsize dslr or video camera?

    Trying to make a point that since you can't entirely eliminate snag hazards, and therefore should not hesitate to ADD MORE snag hazards only illustrates your lack of risk management. Your logic is terribly flawed and dangerous to anyone that you may end up coaching.

  2. Besides the obvious BRS violations, and that TK and everyone else at the dropzone is going to stop him from wearing the camera.....what kinda of "badass" footage does he really expect to capture with 30 jumps? Whatever he records is going to be far away, out of frame, shaky, and boring. Trying to focus on getting video at his experience level is just stupid. If he actually cares about being a decent jumper, he should be working on his basic skills, with somebody else wearing the camera.