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  1. My suggestion would be to do a simple 10-15 minute block in the tunnel (with a good coach) to help with your belly skills. That way you can use those in the sky. I did my first 15 minute belly block after 75 jumps, and it really helped me with slowing my fall rate and docking. I kinda wish i did those 15 minutes a little earlier but it stil worked out pretty well. No farting on the plane!
  2. Got any good Fast and the Furious quotes applied to skydiving? Like "I live my life a thousand feet at a time" "This fools running a Crossfire 2 109" (idk, i asked someone to name a canopy for newer swoopers and he told me that/said it's debatable) When they do the prayer, "Dear spirit, thank you for blank, blank and blank." Etc. No farting on the plane!
  3. I would be afraid of getting stuck in a flat spin to the right No farting on the plane!
  4. The tac air canopies are 350 sq. Ft I saw a couple students doing their practice pulls on them and thought it looked so strange, so i asked how big the canopies were No farting on the plane!
  5. You might as well check out SDSD! The pricing (especially gear rentals) is much cheaper than Perris. There are a few Load Organizers and belly flying groups that would be more than happy to have you every weekend and sometimes during the week. I did my canopy course for my B license at Perris last year, paid 250 for it, and another 50 to do the water training. (it would have cost 100 at SDSD water training included) If you have less than 100 jumps you have to land in the dirt, so i wouldn't recommend flying your own gear there until you're eligible to land on the grass. The one thing that really bothered me though was nobody was smiling. People seemed so serious and ignored me a couple times when i gave a "whats up" head nod. Even my packer seemed moody all day (i was setting my brakes and uncollapsing the slider, so that wasnt the reason). On the plane pre-jump, one guy was double checking his gear and missed an older woman waiting for a hand and fist bump from him, and when he looked up after that she totally just flipped him off! I'm a good judge of body language and she wasnt joking lol.But, those were just two times that I've been there so it can always be different. Perris does have the bar, monitors everywhere, pool, awesome camps all the time etc. And some of my friends like it much more, but just dont want to make the drive that often. Check out Elsinore some time too, and Oceanside after you get your B license! No farting on the plane!
  6. Was that a tension knot? Is your pack job all that contributed to it? No farting on the plane!
  7. I don't have any trouble breathing, but I wil try it this weekend! Hell, maybe I'll get our whole group at the same time if I'm lucky!!! No farting on the plane!
  8. I indeed have been working on my belly skills. Some of my friends like to track all the time and have 1.5-2x my jump numbers. We just did some formation practice and a couple of them didn't want to join because they were afraid of messing it up. I keep telling them that's why they need to practice and just to get in there and try!! (then they ask why i hardly jump with them any more lol) At 135 jumps I'm finally feeling really confident in docking wherever I need to dock. I don't really have to think too much like before. I kinda just fly. I do a little backfly/sitfly practice in the air but I know I'm not really learning much without a proper coach. I'm still looking for a freefly suit before i head to the tunnel for freefly practice, and I'd rather spend my money on jumps and practicing belly for now. I could keep going on and on, but you heard enough for skies!! No farting on the plane!
  9. Perfect pair, I thought the same thing haha. You need a B license for Oceanside, if you have the money and time you can get that easily by then. Otherwise I would suggest coming by Skydive San Diego, or Elsinore. (you have to land in the dirt at Perris until you get 100 jumps and B license) Until then, arch your ass off for AFF! And make sure you focus on a heading for AFF 3 (or whichever one it is for you when both instructors let go and you hold it) That's the only one I had to redo No farting on the plane!
  10. Nice, I live in San Diego and I've been in Austin for a week. Never brought my gear because the weather looked horrible in San Marcos and I was at reggae fest all weekend (not a fan but my cousin had backstage tickets etc). They also had planned maintenance on the caravan so I didn't wanna bring all of that for nothing. If you're out in SoCal and pass AFF, come on down! No farting on the plane!
  11. 1-40 260 @ .93 41-45 Pilot 250 @.97 (canopy course 1) 46-58 230 @ 1.05 59-67 210 @ 1.15 68-97 Sabre 2 190 @ 1.27-1.21 (canopy course 2 @ jump 88-92) I rushed a bit because I bought the 190 from a friend around jump 55 No farting on the plane!
  12. I've already lost 10 lbs in two months and I'm aiming for another 10, that's good to know it will help even more. I was losing weight because I had a minor knee injury a year ago from work and figured it would be much better in the event that something happens and I dont end up having a good landing (did flight 1 and 2 already, I'm pretty confident in landing in various conditions) I'm surprised I haven't heard that wingsuiting is completely different from tracking. I would like to try wingsuiting eventually, not necessarily around jump 200 but maybe further in the future when I get more experience. Good info! Thanks No farting on the plane!
  13. I'm sure it happens to a lot of other people. Often, I find myself sinking out or falling behind on tracking jumps, especially with a relatively light person leading. If I wear a t-shirt and regular pants I'm usually pretty screwed. I've been working on some things like making sure I don't hesitate at all when getting into the track and trying to get slightly ahead of the leader. It took a couple videos of myself to see my ugly delta track and fix that, so now l make sure I cup my chest and make sure my arms stay in front of my body. I fell behind a couple times and thought I was turning my head to the side to catch more air, but I was also looking so far ahead at the group that my chin was more up and I was just sinking out further. So I'll work on keeping my chin closer to my shoulder when that happens. I guess a lot of the lighter people are more "floaty" and they can get the extra momentum from leaning in and coming down? For now I'll stick with wearing a jacket and pants but, are more experienced people that weigh 210+ able to keep up with lighter trackers? Summer months are coming up here in California and it would be nice to know if I'll be able to get by in a t-shirt eventually. I'm still a "baby bird" and know that I need a lot more practice and jumps to get better, but anybody got any other tips or advice? No farting on the plane!
  14. Thanks for the spread. Much appreciated No farting on the plane!