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  1. And my Triathlon 175 also works great. New Dacron lineset opens like butter and flairs good. Has nice colors that are not obnoxious. The soft South African ZP packs so nice! Maybe it's not trendy but it puts my 70-year old feet down softly where I want. Best of all, the used purchase plus reline was less than $600, leaving me some room for barley therapy in my retirement budget! I figure on it taking care of me for a few more years. Cheers, Tom
  2. tommymc

    Pilot7 canopy

    Is it really a quantum leap above the tried and true Triathlon (which can be had in very nice second-hand form for $500 to $600)? Tom
  3. tommymc

    Semi-Stowless Bags? Mirage?

    Lyosha, thanks for the ID on that. Yes, when I look at the details it's surly Aerodyne. Inside the bag is a yellow stamp "5ATP", maybe for an Icon I5. Their new bag is now sewed down on three sides just as UPT has done with theirs. But Aerodyne still employs pocket tucked magnets on the pouch opening. So it would seem that misrouting lines around the magnet tabs would result in bag lock, as before. Another interesting feature on the new one is a final rubber band stow in the middle of the bag before lines go to the risers. Could this be a reminder to the packer that all loose lines go into and come out of the center notch between the magnets?
  4. tommymc

    Semi-Stowless Bags? Mirage?

    While the bag wars are on, could anyone identify the maker of this semi-stowless bag. It has 4 locking, 2 tuck and 2 magnet closures. It works fine in my Wings and Racer rigs with 160-175 sf canopies. Just curious what original container it was for. Thanks, Tom
  5. tommymc

    220 raider in vector 2, v-5

    I had a Raider in a V-5 for years. It's a full combination but not a problem in any way. Tom