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  1. Hello, I am the one with the previous post on going left. Someone (very experienced) said while waiting on my rig to come back and if wanting to jump, and needing to pull left now, should rent a student rig since it has the left side handle for instructors. I asked can a fun jumper pull that handle as well and he said absolutely. So I throw this out for a poll on if I should do that so I can jump since my rig is a few weeks away from coming back.
  2. To everyone on this thread, Absolutely love your support. I have had this in my head trying to think of any possible additional risk and though I cannot come up with one I am still a young jumper at 84 jumps. However, after talking with Jon in private message yesterday, it may be to my advantage to only have that many jumps as my conditioning does not come from 5,000 jumps for example only throwing right. I am also just stopping all day long as I walk through the office and home and such...arching and pulling and throwing left. It will probably be best long term for me as the right shoulder already had an irreparable Supraspinous tear thought never affected it. This Subscapularis injury (pending MRI) does in fact keep me on inch or so from hackey. So at 57 years I do not see the right going the other direction. May get slightly better but I will always have a irreparable portion of the rotator cuff. Weird injuries those rotator cuffs. And since they make up four different areas you can have portions torn and not completely take you out of the game. However, now I have 3 of the four in question and that spells go left side. Again, thanks for all your support. I will keep up the ground work and when I do go up first time I will take a coach and have him fly by my side and I will use the entire jump doing practices pulls down to break off.
  3. Thinking of left side pilot chute throw BOC. Can someone shed light on it. I am licensed and at 57 my right shoulder rotator cuff was deemed irreparable many years ago and so live with a retracted Supraspinous cuff. It does not bother me at all and have always been able pull. Since I have injured the front cuff (Subscapularis) this is the cuff for internal rotation of the humorous bone. This is needed for reaching, grasping the hackey. The the throwing of the pilot is not a factor as that outward motion is not affected. However, I had to ride the reserve the other day since I could not get to my hackey. The left arm is in great shape and thought about the idea a very seasoned skydiver said and that was to sew a left side BOC (since spandex) right over the right one. Said it works great and you always have a right and left. Since spandex the side facing the other sewn on BOC just becomes the outside portion. I would rather throw left than go with a leg pouch.