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  1. hkf

    Getting Married

    Excellent stuff, thanks everyone
  2. hkf

    Getting Married

    That's cool, Also heard there was someone around perris doing it
  3. hkf

    Getting Married

    Am planning to get married soon, and looking to do it in a hot air balloon then jump out together. Unfortunatley we're not allowed to do this in UK as you can only get married in certain licenced places. Any ideas or suggestions as to where this can be done in the USA would be greatly appreciated.
  4. No Weapons allowed, No rules. If Rocky and Rambo met for a fight, who would win?
  5. hkf

    Nigel Holland

    And I was clicking through the forums of and saw that you had won a Gold Medal in Freefly Skydiving! Could this possibly be true?
  6. hkf

    Nigel Holland

    Thanks for the text m8, just realised what makes it even funnier is you calling Mike and Andy over to take the piss out of Paul just before it happens. Don't care what you say, don't think 'my shoe lace came undone' is a valid excuse
  7. hkf

    Nigel Holland

    Sorry Nige, the one time I fly and there's DVD going on!!! Couldn't not post this Divx
  8. Honestly mate that is the correct phone number
  9. Yep, and wearing their normal jump suits which are in no way baggy. My FF suit is tight, and I can easily go to the top of the tunnel in a sit on 75% of the new new high power setting
  10. Haven't heard that one before, most of us just call you dead man walking, and that was before you started BASE
  11. hkf

    bedford adjustment

    Ok bit more detail. Was wanting to test out Bedford after the power increase but could only do Wednesday evening, sadly Bedford were choca, so thought may aswell get some time in and booked Milton Keynes. Had an awesome time loads of 2 way head up with marco(Michael). As always with Airkix left feeling euphoric as the air is so choice (powerful and smooth). Then I though may aswell pop in to Bedford on the way home. Got there and managed to blag some time as the staff where having a 'lock in' It was a beutiful experience, I nearly wept the power was awesome, every bit as good as Airkix for freeflying plus you get the bigger tunnel. And the icing on the cake got to fly with Fabian, and then Fabian and rob. At one point we where all facing into centre and hands in middle on a 3 way dock. Don't think this would've been possible for me before the power increase as i was so much using my arms for lift before but now they are free. Think we should consider ourselves privileged to have 2 of the best wind tunnels in the world. On balance for me and freeflying it's tricky. They are now both awesome for speed(pressure). The extra space at Bedford is a plus. Also feel a loyalty to Freejive as am good mates with Rob and Chris. Have also made some good friends at Milton Keynes (Marco, and Alec). Guess for the most part it'll be Bedford and ocassionalyy Airkix to mix it up a bit. Also think it's such an amazing sport where mere saps like us get to regularly train with the countries/worlds best. oh and Rob
  12. hkf

    American Language

    This is our concern !
  13. hkf

    American Language

    It's actually the url rather than content which is a problem, we develop a lot of dating sites, and have recently added a site where people can buy as a present for a friend a voucher which entitles them to membership. the url is gonna be Is it any clearer in this context?
  14. hkf

    American Language

    Sorry gets worse, what does SO mean?