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  1. Well thank god im not broke anymore....Some people still think im a punk! I have finaced many peoples first rigs, i have let many people use my gear, I have fork over my punk money to fund peoples gear purchases. Im not going to defend myself to you Chris or Judy (im not sure ) All i can say is "I still love ya" when did that happen like 1999 (grudge much) Come out and jump with us in Alabama!
  2. Has anyone ever created directions for building a freefly tube?
  3. Daniel, Im glad you had fun on your tandem...When you get ready to do AFF you should think about coming out to Pell City its about 2 hrs from Atlanta...We have a very experienced jumper at our DZ who is also deaf. I think he could help you get threw AFF easier. There is also another jumper name Billy Vance that jumps just north of Birmingham that i am sure would be willing to help. You should be able to find him here on Good luck with all your training. PM me if i can help with anything.
  4. It's more than 20minutes from anywhere . . . . . no, I'm not confusing it with the "other" DZ in 'Bama. The other DZ is 3 hrs from Nashville and has a very nice king air and the most beautiful sky chicks in Bama!
  5. Yeah but they are the home dz to Skyride and they recently lost their heart and soul of their dropzone Mike Gruwell (Head Rigger and School Manager). He went to the DZ 3 miles away at Skydive The Farm. There are plenty other DZ's in Atlanta that don't have the reputation that ASC has. With or without Mike ASC is still one of the most progressive dropzones in the southeast. Some of the best skydivers around can be found on that DZ. There is never a lack of work and the AC sure is nice.
  6. Atlanta Skydive Center still has a large amount of strongs
  7. As long as i think i can keep a student under control during a jump. I will continue to let them jump. I once took a student on 4 level 1 aff's before he finally decided on his own that maybe this wasnt the sport for him. I have had the talk with one student becouse he couldnt not land a parachute to save his life. (even with a radio!)
  8. I have done 19 tandems in a day,but that was out of Mike Mullins king air. I did 16 this past Sunday half tandems, Half Aff
  9. And dont forget get to bring beer for your aff instructors
  10. Tecnician For Computer Vision company during the week DZ manager on the weekends
  11. As a tandem instructor what you just describe is my worst nightmare. Hmmm maybe the big deal is the life of the Tandem student. That student did not pay good money so that you can come take him out on a jump.
  12. I made 1200 jumps last year (1000) of those were tandems. This year i made 400 but i only did a few tandems. I had alot more fun this year!