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  1. The picture on this page shows a part of a harness worn by fighter pilots. What is the name/designation of the connector that is lubricated by the soldier and how does it work?
  2. I would like to know how this app affects the battery lifetime of the phone? Using the data off all sensors sounds resource-intensive.
  3. What is the difference between a decent and a crappy hook knife?
  4. Hi, I got a new canopy (Pilot 168 ZPX). I have no problem with getting it into the bag but with the flakes between the c and d lines. If I move the center cell carefully up to close the cocoon then the c and d lines are moving and the fabric between the c and lines moves to the inside ... so my nice flakes are getting destroyed. I had the idea to use my left hand to hold the line attachment points in place while pulling the center cell up with my right hand but if I pull the center cell around on the left and right side to close the cocoon the lines are moved again to the outside on both sides and the flakes are getting destroyed. I never had this kind of problem while packing the student/rental gear and I always thought the hardest part of packing a new canopy is the bagging process. Any ideas on my problem?
  5. Hi, I have a simple question: What knot should I use to connect the freefly bungee on my Vector 3 container? I tried to use a overhand knot but then the bungee flips trough the webbing channel on the leg straps. So instead I tried a bowline knot on both sides. It seems to work fine but I am unsure whether this knot is safe / recommended?
  6. Happy to hear that ... so he knows how to write reliable software.
  7. Hi, I have two questions: 1. What types of (formal) software verification/validation techniques are used in the development process? 2. Is your hardware in any way redundant? For example: The used microprocessor/FPGA fails/crashes/restarts during freefall ... what is then happening?
  8. The RSL design of the Curv does not include a collins lanyard. That may be also relevant for the proposed MARD system.
  9. Hi, I found this picture ( ) on this site ( ) showing a new low-profile parachute system used by the U.S. Air Force to replace an old system called BA-22. It has a Cypres AAD.
  10. Hi, I will be eligible to jump with a camera in a few jumps.
  11. I ordered my container before the new design was released ... Maybe it is easier and cheaper to produce the new version because the design is simpler? I absolutely think the new stowing method is safe because the reserve lines are also stowed in a similar way in the freebag with the only difference that the placement of the reserve lines is visible through the thin freebag material. A question (for riggers): Are there any known incidents where a reserve failed due to improper stowage of the reserve lines in the freebag?
  12. Hi, I got a new Vector container with the new semi-stowless bag. Example image: Packing instructions: The old design had four tuck tabs and the new design has only two tuck tabs. With the old design it was possible to fully open the pouch, place the lines in a figure 8 style and close the pouch at end. The new design forces me to stow the lines step by step in the pouch and I am very scared to create accidentally a knot in the lines ... Any idea how to prevent this from happening?
  13. Is this mounting solution compatible?
  14. I thought the same as I watched the video. It would be easy to produce two versions ... but I think they have to pay a fee to UPT (patent protection), maybe this is their problem?
  15. Rigging Innovations MARD:
  16. Hello, I started skydiving at the beginning of this year and I am trying to find used gear since a few months. I am from Germany ... there is not a big skydiving market. The problem: Either the container harness does not fit my body sizes or the canopies are to small for my experience level. :( I think I have to buy a new container. While looking at the sizing charts of different manufacturers I found the Vector V349. I really like the idea of having a bigger reserve (landing unconscious ...) and this size fits an Optimum 193 reserve. The wingload would be between 0.9 and 1.0. The main canopy sizing range is from 140 to 170. I would buy a used 170 canopy (wingload between 1.0 and 1.1). I am planning to do 50 to 100 jumps a year, so I could use this container for a few years. My questions: 1. Is this container size a good choice for me? 2. Would it be safe to jump this container with a 140 canopy and this big reserve in a few years (two canopies out scenario ...)?