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  1. Does anyone own one of these? I'm a new A license holder that just dropped 4K on my first gear and even though another $600 doesn't sound like that much of an expenditure comparatively, I would much rather prefer a used or stock jumpsuit over a custom made one. I understand the benefits of a perfectly fitting jumpsuit, especially for a beginner. However never being one for designer brands or fashion, the concept of customizing my own jumpsuit so early in the game is providing me more stress than I'd like. Plus if I can save some mula and time on obtaining my first jumpsuit, that'd be great. The problem with used jumpsuits is they're impossible to find, especially for a smaller person such as myself, which makes sense - why would you get rid of a jumpsuit before it wears out? Which brings me to non-custom options. I landed upon the Parasport F1 jumpsuit, which looks and sounds, in theory, as a better option than alternatives such as JOIN, for example. However, I can't for the life of me find any reviews or even any photos of a single person wearing one. I've seen a couple mixed reviews on parasport gear outside of the freefly jumpsuit, however nothing specifically for that product. The company website also makes it very difficult to find any kind of contact information and additional product description which worries me. Anyone own this jumpsuit or know anyone that does? Anyone know of any other brands out there that make a quality freefly jumpsuit? Thanks!