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  1. So what knowledge you put behind that statement? Is that what the dealer told you? Because this seams to be the talk of dealers selling those rigs. "Dude, it's exactly like a Javelin! Just 1000 bucks cheaper, but the quality is higher" And that of course is far from the reality. You're right. Everyone knows you need to have a riggers ticket to be able to compare one rig to another. All the rest of us just listen to what dealers say and blindly jump terrible gear that will probably fall apart mid skydive /s I did not say it's exactly like a javelin. It's not at all. The reserve pc is similar but that's about it. Bottom line is the one I bought seems to be better quality than some of the other rigs I see around the dz. Tabs stay closed, it's more comfortable, and I got it at a price that's hard to beat. Have you ever jumped one or are you just here to start an argument with those that do for giving their opinions?
  2. I checked my pics from before it was assembled and don't have any currently, sorry. Due for a repack next month and can probably get one then but still a little ways off.
  3. 2,000 less? Please show the details of the deal you got, as it starts at 2,235 per their website. Somewhere in the range of $1500 to 2k less for the complete rig. Should have clarified. Bought when they were doing one of the jump ready packages and had an had an additional amount off. Was out the door with a brand new container w/skyhook, volt main, decelerator reserve, and vigil for under 6k. When I was pricing out some of the other brands with similar options with a new AAD and PD main and reserve it was getting close to 8k.
  4. I've been jumping mine for the last few months and I have nothing but good things to say about it. Really hard to beat for the price. I got pretty much every option available at the time and still came in a couple grand cheaper than what other manufacturers would have run for the same thing. Quality is on par or better than other main players. I'd say it's equally comfortable as my mirage but packs cleaner looking. Only small complaint I have which isn't even really a complaint more than just information is that if you get the wingsuit bridle it is super long. Id say more than a foot longer than other wingsuit bridles I've seen. It can make cocking the pilot chute a little tricky but it's not that bad with some practice.
  5. That flamethrower post on Facebook was with another lower priced suit manufacturer, not caos suits. I can't remember which one it was but I know for a fact it wasn't caos as I was in the ordering process at the time. As for Caos suits I am pretty pleased with mine. I can't give any long term wear and tear opinions as I just received mine last week but from what I can tell the construction and fit seems to be awesome. I unceremoniously took a tumble on my first landing in the new suit and walked away without even a scuff. Communication with the owner was awesome and overall I pretty solid experience. Several friends and I all ordered suits at the same time and the owner took the time to make sure all our measurements were on point. The measuring guide can be a little daunting and after speaking with the owner it seems like they are trying to make it as smooth and easy as possible to make sure all measurements are accurate. Time to completion and arrival was around a month for 5 suits all with separate measurements which didn't seem to bad. Colors are bright and materials seem really good on par with other more expensive suits. Overall I'm really happy with how they turned out and will be buying from them again. Edit: I have no experience with them but if I recall correctly the FB post was an issue with TMO suits.
  6. Very Nice. I have a custom that should get here sometime in march and will post pics when it arrives.
  7. Voted boobies because.... boobies, but own a KISS. I tried on both and felt the KISS was more comfortable and had features the I liked. Being able to access audible directly from the outside is a big plus. I also like that there is no chin strap on the KISS, but that's more personal preference. If you don't care about getting one in a fancy color the KISS can also be had on eBay for less than the G3 but you'll have to wait until square one puts one up in your size, and the only colors are matte or gloss black. Try both on and see what you like, but be advised the KISS helmets do seem to run small. I tried on a large G3 that fit but was an XL with the kiss. You'll want to get the correct size with the kiss especially since there is no chin strap as a backup.
  8. Could be wrong but I believe Skydance Skydiving in Davis, CA actually has a waiver and still does 30k tandems a few times a year so 18k is not even close to the highest tandem. It is pretty pricey to jump from that high though so I don't see the point to do it for a tandem. For the couple thousand it's going to cost to do one jump you could pay to get your A license.