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  1. After sunset Scotty dressed himself in drag with a dress, wig, high heels, stuffed bra and lots of red lipstick. I looked on aghast. Scotty had a sixth sense about figuring out who the uptight folks were. That was me. I guess he read the look on my face. He sauntered over, grabbed my head between his hands, leaned in and gave me a big fat floppy kiss right on my lips. I was even more aghast, and now covered with red lipstick. Then he walked away smiling, his mission to loosen me up a bit accomplished.
  2. Oh Andreya, it's beautiful - just what you needed to accentuate your natural beauty! You should get some more!
  3. He had magical immunity from dying from skydiving, alcohol and smoking. So it kind of figures it would be something stupid and unexpected that would get him...
  4. http://www.blueskiesskydivingcenter.com/ http://www.skydivegalveston.com/
  5. Didn't Laird Cogburn and Madolyn Murdock run a DZ there for a while?