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  1. Skydive Andes near Santiago... about an hour away. Check their facebook for directions
  2. LucaD

    When Right is Wrong

    Imho I can agree that the lower canopy flew a turn of over 90 degrees. At the same time, the higher canopy, which was behind, if we judge by his own camera, started to turn aggressively without looking, and when he did look, he looked way to the left instead of looking where his canopy was actually heading. Now I don't know about others, but I was taught to look before turning, and then in the direction of the turn - especially if I am surrounded by traffic. One should also mention the slow turn of the lower canopy, that would have given ample time to the higher canopy to adjust its heading, if the pilot hadn't made the aforementioned mistakes. Anyhow, great videos to learn from, I am glad this was brought up.
  3. This looks like one sexy canopy... damn I don't know if I should get this or a Tesla...
  4. Thank you for pointing out those treads. I had seen something, but none had a direct comparison, nor a good review of the Tesla.
  5. Thank you very much. Yes, I am very active and am getting coaching - had coaching with Alter Ego, and will have again in Ssptember, and also should have some with Greg Windmiller this summer. Blue skies
  6. Thank you, this is very helpful. Do you happen to remember how the speed felt in a turn? Can you build some decent power in the turns with both canopies? I am sort of leaning towards the Tesla, but need to be sure before I pull the trigger :)
  7. Hi all, I am about to get a new canopy, and I am looking for an upgrade in performance from my current safire3. I want to progressively get into high performance landings, and am considering a fluid wings tesla, or a NZAerosports crossfire3. Has anyone had the chance of jumping either, or ideally both? I would like to know how they dive and how is their recovery arc. Thanks for the help!
  8. If you are going with Safire, my suggestion would be to consider the Safire 3. I jumped both, and in my experience the 3 just flies better.
  9. Thank you. Are we talking about the roller mount?
  10. LucaD

    Downsizing Checklist

    Excellent approach - I get so annoyed when the DZ staff, without even knowing what my canopy skills are or uninterested in finding out, just repeat some magical number of jumps one needs for each wingload and canopy size. I told them many times - if you want to give me advice, don't tell me wait until jump n.x, tell me try and do this, or try and do that (of course, talking about skills apt for my level).
  11. LucaD

    Safire 3

    I have never flown a Safire, but I have flown a Safire 2 and the Safire 3 has better harness response, better toggle response and front / rear riser response as well. The powerband seems to keep the pressure better even in situations of slight turbulence (I find the Safire 3 a bit more stable overall). The glide is similar - not steep at all, so they are in the same range (sort of beginner to intermediate pilot, depending on the wingload), but the Safire3 performs better overall.
  12. LucaD

    Safire 3

    Hey Adam, just wondering about your thoughts on how the recovery arc compares to the sabre2? I have the saf3, and flies really well, but I have a feeling it recovers way too quickly from a dive, while on the other hand I heard a lot of experienced people say that the sabre2 is the canopy you want to slowly start the long process towards swooping. Do you think I should swap the saf3 for a sabre2, given that I do want to start working on high(ish) performance landings?