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  1. It's a great story Tristan tells. Y'all take the time to hear it...'fiberglass shrapnel cloud', 'pencil'd out, head down at 100% and lost power', are just a couple of the gems you'll hear about. At the end of the interview segment about Airborne San Diego, Tristan makes a quick comment about the potential looming legal assault. I would assume a pretty penny has already been paid to quality lawyers to get past the patent and intellectual property hurdles in the US. So the money spent on development (estimated 38 million on a 15 million expected project cost) isn't even the whole story. I'm really bummed. I love iFly, I just want to hear the US tunnel industry is getting bigger and has more than one player...but to hear that awesome building is going to likely become a theater... what a let down for so many people. Does anyone else find it odd that there's so little information on the web about Airborne's demise?
  2. ouwj. Seems like its line with all the rest of the signs in these times. Thank you for your reply
  3. Jealousy! I got invited to socal early next year, so I thought I'd budget some cash for a pilgrimage...but it seems like AA has ghosted on us...phone out of service, nothing recent on FB or Tweeter, and website is 404. Any updates on the disposition of this tunnel's future?
  4. I agree! But just because I can't afford a Cadillac, does not mean I won't roll a GMC. Even if it doesn't have heated seats. Or a windshield. I appreciate y'alls feedback! It sounds like, while not the most comfortable ride, the open tunnel will more closely simulate FF while skydiving. I'm so excited! Fortunately there is an iFly 14' tube juuuust across town. The only problem I'm really seeing is: how do I save up to jump out of a 'perfectly good' airplane (and you know...beer), if I'm spending all winter (and all my money) in the tunnel?! I suspect I'm not the first to have these problems... Cheers
  5. Awesome feedback...thank you! Neoprene layer?! Wow. This is gear for WORKING in a tunnel in sub-zero temps, correct? Jajaja...I can't imagine saying 'no' to a job working in a tunnel...but I don't think I could fly all day in sub-zero temps! If I were to fly, say, fifteen minutes in three 5-minute blocks, in an open tunnel, where outside temp is 10C...a standard tunnel suit over clothes suited to that weather otherwise...would not be enough to keep me comfortable, in your experience? Thank you again!
  6. Hello...recent Oregon tunnel addict and future beer buyer here. I have a question about the experience of flying in an Aerodium W-style tunnel, in 50F degree (10C) or less temps. Is the ambient air cooled significantly (or feel that way) when it's accelerated to 120+ mph? I'm curious about this style of tunnel specifically because the fans are horizontally mounted, and so bends the wind 90 (more heat via friction?), vs a prop below blower...but I'll take anything you got! Thanks y'all!
  7. Hello...new wind addict here. Thank you and all of y'all in the community for this awesome collection of knowledge and experience! I searched to see if it'd already been posted, but I didn't find it...so here: I found an old article which did put Smart Skydive and iFly in the same bed. http://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2014/02/05/indoor-skydiving-coming-to-middletown.html Can anyone confirm or deny iFly affiliation with this tunnel?