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  1. The Grenada Mississippi Airport is now being managed by a former Air Force Academy Parachute Team Staff/Instructor named David Dale. Know to most as D-2 (that is D squared), he is more than willing to support all aviation activities (including jumping).
  2. D-6723

    "Weird" Wayne Snyder

    I will never forget his kicking the windsock while hook turning into the Coolidge hanger. Really impressive when he got it right (and yes he did miss on occasion). This was the late 70's and "Hang Load" on 33Z was the picture to have. Giles ran the DZ and Zing did his best to spot the C-54. Black Val, Slocum, Irv, Tom, Rick, Judy, and many other excellent people.
  3. D-6723

    Gary Pond - D-6969

    You are correct (not a coincidence). Nate was Bill Otley's Instructor and Bill was USPA President when Gary applied for his "D" License.
  4. D-6723

    Dr. Dave Holmes

    The very best Air Force Academy Spring Break Training Camp ever.......Doc Holmes, Lizard, Rudy, and Al Krueger. Fond memories brother....from D2.
  5. D-6723

    Dangerous stowless bag from Seamless Rigging !!!

    Don't use a stowless bag! I was around when the original ram-air reserves were introduced. Bag strip was real then and sure is now. I recommend you find a four stow deployment bag for your main. As you demonstrated, the inertia of the canopy and lines can leave it in the container at high deployment airspeeds. While we used the pouch on the original free bags, the stows evolved to bungee or "O" rings. Only really good rubber bands should be used to stow suspension lines. Longer bights are preferred over small ones.