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  1. Well, I am not selling any AADs nor do I want to pursuade anybody buying used AAD, canopys, containers, altimeters... Bit there are many used AADs out there and people are dealing on social media platforms and I just found this table and thought it might be helpful for calculating. I agree with you, the final worth of anything is told by the market
  2. updated... Loss in value Cypres2 Lifetime 15 years.pdf
  3. Maybe interesting for calculating the price of a used Cypres 2 with 15,5 years lifetime.... Wertverlust Cypres2 15 Jahre.pdf
  4. Just received the Vega from Slylife-Alt. Works fine! Compared in different altitudes it to my OptimaII and it's both the same. (+/- 5m) Packing is little bit apple style ;-) Comes with finger mount, wrist mount as an option in different colors and sizes available. Advantage: device is rechargeable via USB! Would I by it again? Yes!
  5. . So I ended up replacing my Fuel with a Tonfly Speed with a small chincup and soft ratchets. Personally I regret the soft ratchets, I will be getting hard ratchets on my next helmet. The chincup takes a couple jumps to get used to, but once its broke in its wonderful, easy to adjust and it really limits the shake if you care about good camera footage. Could you tell us why do you regret taking the soft straps?
  6. Hi, thinking about a speed helmet too. Could you tell me why you regret taking the soft straps? At the moment that would be my prefered option because with the hard straps it‘s diffucult to move your jaw...
  7. I like the Volt!!!! Unfortunately it is not mine, so I have to look for another canopy. I also have heard that the Volt and the Sabre 2 are comparable in flight characteristic, that's why I was looking for a Sabre 2... Would take a Volt anytime again!
  8. I know the thread is maybe not quite actual, but nevertheless I ask for your opinion: Currently I am jumping a Volt150 and now thinking about changing to a Sabre 2 150. With 130 jumps in total during the last 2 years and 80 jumps on the Volt150 do you think changing is a good idea? No problems with flying or landing the Volt. Wingload will be 1.1. By the way: a Sabre 2 with 20 jumps and 2 years old for 1.900€ is a good Offer? Price for a new one round about 2.300€ Thanks for your opinion, Eddie.
  9. Habs mit nem Spectre versucht. Der hatte allerdings erst 80 Sprünge. Das gleiche mit nem Sabre 2. Würde es mit ner Silhouette 170 besser passen, weil es kein reines Nullgewebe ist und sich besser packen lässt?
  10. Hallo zusammen, ich habe ein gebrauchtes Atom Gutzeug erworben (DOM 2001) mit nem 135er Schirm. Laut Vorbesitzerin war auch schonmal ein 170er drin. Jetzt habe ich selber versucht einen 170er reinzupacken - vergebens. Habe als Anhang mal das eingenähte Label von PdF mitgeschickt. Weiss jemand welche Containergröße das ist und was da maximal reingeht?
  11. Hi, I have a Atom Legend Harness DOM 2001. I guess the Container size is 0, but I'm not quite sure. Reserve is a Techno 155. Now I tried to fit in a Spectre 170 and a Sabre2 170, both without luck. Is there any chance to place in a 170 canopy in this small container? Maybe something easier to pack than a zero-P canopy... Thanks for your help, Eddie.