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  1. I keep seeing their posts on Facebook. The prices look good, but I've never met anyone who has one. So, no idea about quality or service. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Is there any link to the Android app available? I haven't been able to find it on the Google Play store, and I didn't find any links/info about an app on Sigma's or the USPA's website.
  3. Just wanted to add to the discussion, because I didn't see anyone mention actually using one, that I used it for a couple jumps last Saturday. Worked well and was super easy to set up. Two things I did like about it were the ability to choose tones and the fact that it wasn't super loud. I could hear it just fine, but I often find my Pro-Track to be a bit louder than I would like.
  4. I saw on your website that there was an adapter for the kiss helmet. Is this necessary? Or will the adapters that come with the helmet work as well?
  5. I had to look into this for a client. Jeffrey gave you the main thrust of the life insurance issue. I just wanted to add in that some companies don't rate you (this means move your category from say preferred to standard), but they add a flat charge per thousand dollars of insurance. For instance, Prudential charges an additional $5 or so per $1,000 of coverage, but you can have all the way up to preferred best as your rating category. On a $500,000 policy that might have cost you $500 (depending on age/health), you would instead be paying $3,000. If life insurance is your main concern, you should give up skydiving from just before you apply until two years after the policy is issued. After two years, you can jump all you want and the contract has become incontestable at that point. However, do not lie about it as someone mentioned. The entire contract could be invalidated, leaving you with just a return of the premiums paid if you die skydiving. If you have additional questions, feel free to PM me.
  6. Thanks for the advice! It's probably the route I'll go, but I'm a good sized guy and it may not be that easy to find one that fits me right. In which case, new container and used other gear will have to be the route I go, but that's a concern for down the road.
  7. Nice catch! Thanks for reviewing! I've updated the spreadsheet to include that and mesh foam on the infinity.
  8. Thanks for the input and the welcome! I think your points are well founded. I really just made this for my own curiosity and figured I'd share it for other people who might like to see it as well.
  9. Those listed do not all offer SPACER mat'l. VSE offers a 'mesh foam' that is quite comfortable. Jerry Baumchen Hi Jerry, Thanks for the input. I realized while i was doing the comparisons that that was the case, however I didn't realize that the mesh was their version of padding. I had thought it was just a change in the cover material. I'll have to include that to make everything more comparable. Much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I'll take your advice on that and it brings up an interesting point that I hadn't thought about. Just to be clear, I hadn't considered ruling out a standard RSL.
  11. That's a fair point. The reason I didn't take into consideration any other MARD options was because, and this is purely my impression and with my experience can't be worth much, the other options had not been out for too many years and as such were not something that I would be interested in adding on to a container. Now, I'm sure they have done quite a bit of testing and my opinion could be completely wrong, but I just would like something that may save my life to have more time and real world testing. EDIT: But you're right I probably should have taken that into consideration.
  12. I'm a student looking into getting a new harness sometime in the future. So, I was looking through threads about different containers and different people's opinions. One thing that i noticed came up a lot was price, and rightly so. I decided to compare the prices and normalize the comparisons for different features. It's not perfect, but I found it interesting and thought you all might as well. Any suggestions for improvements or different comparison points are welcome.