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  1. Chief, (Bob) What can I say man... I am going to miss you...alot. I handn't seen you since your retirement, but you were always on my mind. You were a PJ among PJs and a friend among friends. I used to run and hide when during the week when I would hear you yell down the hall at someone in the squadron, Usually and Officer. I still remember the ass chewings you gave me when I screwed up as if they happened yesterday. And felt honored when you would call me in the middle of the night to come sew up a fellow PJ's dog that got injured. Yes, you did bring fear to many at the unit, but it needed to be done. On the other hand I would be so exited on Saturday to go to the Dropzone (skydive Takllahassee) to make some freefly jumps with you. I remember when I went with you to Deland for a Boogie your daughter also went, and you two were so close, it was awesome. We stayed in your trailer, ate Tuna with Wasabi and drank beer. I thought she is so lucky to have a dad like you. I learned so much from you both at work and at play, and it has made me a better man. At your retirement we had a good talk you me and Chief Shelton and I to this day remember every word you said. I'll keep trying to make you proud. I can only say that I was lucky and fortunate to have had you as a boss, A mentor, a skydiving buddy, and a friend. I will remember you for the rest of my days. The career field suffered a big loss when you retired, now the world looses a big icon in the sport. Rest in Peace and Ride Free brother. McKill
  2. I understand about the listing. But why then have an entire forum called Places to Jump. For exactly those type of questions. People need to keep their personal problems to them selves. If they think some one is stalking them, they handle it. I know in my case I would handle it quickly.. with out questions.. On the other hand I guess what is being advertised isn't being followed.. If someone doesn't want her posting, they should file a complaint to ban them from posting. I guess I better whach who I answer to and do a background check before I reply..
  3. I was pretty upset on the fact of the removal of a Post and Thread on the Subject regarding Skydive Orange Va. I just reviewed the Forum rules and no-where does it say you can't ask a legitimate question such as the one that was asked, regardless of the history this person has with some one that may be allegedly at this particular dropzone. Aparently the moderator that deleted the thread let his feelings get a bit involved. I respect this persons question and that was totally disrespectful, to them and to myself which spent my time typing to explain what my experiences were at such DZ. What is involved in this persons personal life is not my or anyone on the Web's concern. The fact that they have history with someone anywhere for that matter was of no relevance in the subject of any part of the questions asked by her/him. On the subject of anyone being upset and closing any accounts, sounds like a personal matter that should of been handled behind the scenes. That was blown totally out of porportions and some peoples basic rights to express themselves were totally violated. Oviously the thread went off track and moving it from that particular forum to another was totally appropriate. I for one feel it should have stayed in circulation. I agree, that if this person is totally stalking anyone, there should be action taken by interested parties, but not in the way it was handled. I guess my crystal ball was broken last night when i gave whoever (which I don't care who it is) a legit answer to my experiences at this particular Dropzone. If it would have worked I would of maybe not posted at all. Miguel
  4. skymonkey

    Orange, VA??

    Seriously, I went through as a visiting jumper and found the atmosphere to be real good. Everybody was real friendly, they took me in with open arms.. They have this cool tradition, the last dive of the day is dedicated to making a beer run. It's where crappy donation beer is placed in the pea pit and the jumpers come swwoping by attempting to kick them. If they suceed, they are rewarded with a nice cold godd brand beer to quench the thirst after landing. I would definitely recommend this dropzone to anyone. Don't know about their AFF program much, but they have a good pool of really experienced freeflyers. I know they have a web site. Check it out.. I think they are also club run, where no one person is the owner, but the club runs the DZ.. Miguel
  5. USAF PJ (Pararescueman) Ways to get to work.. HALO STATIC-Line SCUBA DRAEGER HELO RAPPEL/ROPE/CAST Master Name it!! Always looking for a few good men!! "That Others May Live"
  6. here is hot to reach them (386) 748-7217 Miguel
  7. skymonkey


    I heard Italy still doing the Space Games thing.. Miguel
  8. I wouldn't woory about under loading. The only time it becomes a factor is in High, turbulent wind conditions. Under loaded canopies seem to be affected more in those conditions due to the fact that they are flying slower and aren't as pressurized, in addition to possibly having a negative ground speed (flying backwards).. Miguel
  9. I agree with you a hundred percent. I hope that the USPA does at the very least give some good recommendations that instructors can use to plant the good seeds in those students heads. I think your type of thinking should be what experienced metors out there should be preaching. I personally have seen you fly your canopy and can vouch for your experience. By the way How is that skyflyer 3 flying.. Next time I come down I'll take you up on that offer to coach me on a wingsuit jump.. Is your face still red from that thursday jump? I can't wait to get bitten by the Wingsuit bug.. Take care, safe flights.. thanks for the reply. Miguel "the dude with the real bright jumpsuit" and canopy
  10. Some instructor Threw me out of a plane at Military Freefal Shcool.. Miguel
  11. Over the last Few days there has been some real good discussion regarding WL issues as regards to experience levels. Not satisfied I wrote the USPA with some questions nad this is what I wrote.. "Just a small question? How come with all the rules and regs, we have with regards to skydiving, you (the USPA) haven't published any rules or guidelines regarding wing load maximums? It seems that more and more people get hurt under a perfectly good canopy and by your statistics I have read almost all injuries or fatalities are from a skydiver flying a canopy which is too much for them to handle under their experience level. We have so many rules regarding pull minimums and teaching a student how to fly ect ect... If we want to make this sport safer we need to start making jumpers follow manufacturers recommendations that they print on their parachutes. I really can't imagine we overlook such a simple fix.. I'm sure with a few simple rules and some mentorship, we may save a life or two extra each year, which is enough. This should come from the top on down and be pretty black and white." The response was: "Hi Miguel, The USPA Safety & Training Committee and HQ staff members are currently working on these recommendations to add into the Skydiver’s Information Manual. We may or may not have a document ready for the next edition, which is due out in a couple of weeks. But we are all working on this issue, which is actually more complex than it appears on the surface. We would rather have a solid document to add to the Skydiver’s Information Manual, than rush to beat a deadline with something that is not ready for publishing. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for sending the input. USPA will hopefully have some solid recommendations completed very soon." Jim Crouch Director of Safety and Training United States Parachute Association 703-836-3495 ext. 314 703-836-2843 fax I know to some this may sound like alot of political bullshit to some and I think it is not. Please don't slam Jim I put this so the comunity sees that there are steps being taken, and hey it's a step in the right direction. Lets wait for the dust to settle and see what our governing body comes up with.. Miguel Folch PJ "These things we do that others may live" Living by the Motto...
  12. good advice.. Also once you actually come off student status, inquire about getting a hold of some DEMO equipment, you'll avoid the old problem of not liking it after purchased dilema.. Miguel
  13. If you really want to get to know your canopy, Read the d-g portions for students under canopy in the USPA SIM, some good exercises you can do to familiarize yourself. Get with an instructor first though and have him go over each exercise with you.. Miguel
  14. Ask the manufacturer of a definition of each level. They are responsible for that clarification. I'm sure any manufacturer that you call will have sorted this out already.. People just don't take the time to ask the questions, they just assume.. Miguel
  15. You know? The funny thing is that manufacturers set WL limits for us especially PD, it's on their parashute placard and it breaks it down to exp levels and all.. Check it out.. Miguel