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  1. Having made my 1st sport jump via this school while it was at Elsinore, I am slightly saddened by this news. But, if anyone has earned the retirement of his choice it is Jim. He was the videographer on that 1st jump and has been a good friend in the years since.
  2. Madolyn would be an EXCELLENT choice! But you should remember that given technology today a judge does NOT need to be physically present on the drop zone to certify a State Record. Randy Connell USPA Nat Judge -FS, CF, Acc
  3. A friend of a friend recently let me know that he would like to discuss the possibilities of having a demo jump on July 4th near Pocatello, ID. As I am in Kentucky, this is not possible for me to coordinate. Any Pro-rated jumpers who are interested, please contact me (Randy) at 859-361-5684 or randy@blackdiamondimagery.com Blue skies! Randy
  4. Heaven's Gate's Security Detail plus one. Semper Fi!
  5. The odds of succesful enforcement of such a rule would be astronoically against the success of the rule.
  6. What an immense loss. I only knew Bob peripherally, having talked with him for a bit at this last PIA. My condolences to his family and friends. Danny and I go way back. As I sit and think about him with two things will always stick in my head; 1 - his enormous "blockhead" and; 2 - his even larger smile. Danny's sense of humor was well-known, even notorious. My utmost sympathies to his family. May God bless and keep both of these fine men, Randy Connell D19133
  7. Duece! Good to hear from you man! Congrats on the regular team this year! Remember - "Hyrostatic shock is bullsh*t!!!"
  8. As the league director who made the call in this instance, allow me to make a few points.... The host DZ in question was promised a caravan from another nearby DZ (I will be kind). What actually arrived was a Beech 99. All competitors present walked out and examined the bird in question and an actual vote was taken. Factors involved in the decision were: Door - almost the same rectangular dimensions as an Otter (maybe bigger in a direct linear measure) BUT - the major problem is that the top of the door curves inboard with the skin of AC. Head-jams were not going to be possible, and were needed on 2 of the six exits. The lateral (left to right) difference means that the top of the door is 6-8 inches further "into" the bird than the floor. Camera - while there is a step on the bird, there is no outside rail. This would leave the cameraflyers closer than is best for the teams, and one of their hands would actually be inside a plastic housing duct (of some type) that was already broken. Further, the relative tail height was low enough to make me wonder about safety issues. Remember camera positioning for 4way calls for the camera to be higher at the door than (for example) tandem video where the flyer has to get low to get the passengers face. Flight Profile - while direct prop blast would not be a huge issue because the pilot had been trained to fully feather the left hand prop, jump run had to be at 100 knots indicated to be safe. That's a bit stiff. Additional factors included in my thoughts, but not discussed with the teams were: INTERNATIONAL flavor of the weekend's competition - as Eric has so ably pointed out and Ron has followed up on. The fact that one of the teams is actively training for Nationals and has at least a 50/50 chance to be in the running for a medal. (For the record, if that team had not had its infringements and minor funnel in one round their average for this meet would have been an 11, which would have put them at the top of the leaderboard). At this stage of the season, they need every valid skydive they can muster. A caravan would have been acceptable, a Beech 99 was not. The host DZ did their job. This is a fact that was clearly understood and acknowledged by the teams. While I was not pleased by the situation, I took the steps that I felt were in the best interests of MY clients(the teams). That's the way business is done. I apologized to the DZO. When I was informed that the aircraft provider had decided to waive the ferry fee, I was immensely relieved for the DZ's sake. The responsibility for the decision lies exclusively with me. I asked the teams to vote, but the actual decision was mine. I still stand behind that decision. I do regret the circumstances that made the decision necessary. Thank you to those who have contributed to this thread in a positive fashion. Randy Connell D19133 AFF-I RJ-FS Director, Mideast Skydiving League
  9. It's good to know that Deuce had a as good a time as Vortex did! I can speak for the team... Deuce is on e of the finest camera-flyers we worked with all year. And given the early season timeframe when our planned vidot hurt his back, we worked with quite a few! I have no problems recommending that SOMEONE snatch this man up and put him to work!! THANKS Deuce!!! Vortex Christy West Chris Grenner Leah Connell Randy Connell!
  10. Ahhh ... the Leathernecks show themselves! I served from 1985-1989 (and a brief spot in 1990). The Corps threw me out of my first airplane in 1986 (courtesy of the dang Army) and I have been at it ever since. I haven't heard of any all-Marine teams (yet), but all Marines have several of the most important elements to make team successful. If anyone is interested in getting such a team together, email me at randy@blackdiamondimagery.com and I will serve as a central point for such jarheads to get in touch with one another. Semper Fi! Randy Connell D-19133 Director, Mideast Skydiving League PS - Ed, you should KNOW there is no such thing as an EX marine... I will slap you next time I see you! And good luck in VA!
  11. I need a bit of help folks. I am trying to to compile a list of older, out-of-use 4way formations. Randoms or blocks. If you know of any, or know someone who does.. please post them here, or email me. I am looking for as wide a time frame as possible. Everything from Star-Back Loop - Star to Twins! BLue! Randy