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  1. I am amazed by your perseverance to follow through and keep trying till u get it right. You are my hero (after Chuck Norris though :=) ) very inspiring for someone like me who is yet to start
  2. little off topic.. but about the wing loading for a student.. the canopy that was offered to me (first jump, that I didn't make :() had a wing loading of 1. with someone with less than 0 experience, should I get a wing loading in the .7 range?
  3. well guys... my JM doesn't have any opening till mid Oct and then I am out for a month.. so guess this have to wait to May next yr :( Meantime I plan to get some tunnel time and may be a couple of training tandems this winter when I travel south long wait....
  4. Thanks for the tip, i have to come up with something to keep my mind occupied too. many people here have commented to focus only on task at hand, i will try to do that. one step at a time and finally let go off the strut
  5. Definitely helps Anne, Thanks much
  6. Wont add any value here, but just look at my last post, i couldnt even get out of the plane, let alone fly. Nothing to be ashamed of, you are miles ahead of me... if i were you, i would keep trying. I will leave the tips to the pros
  7. no disrespect, but i paid more attention to your signature. I actually knew a guy who fell from his bike, hit his head on the concrete, and bled out internally the next day. May be i should have stopped biking, but i still do it. If i become THAT guy who tried and died while trying to conquer his fears, i can live (die) with it. Peace!
  8. Thats what i plan to do next time when i am on my SL1. stop overthinking and go over the full thing in my head, instead, i small step at a time and while i am waiting for it to happen, practice EP on the ground to make it muscle memory.
  9. So what. You want this? Go get it. Usually it's a bad idea to split AFF training among different DZs, for obvious reasons, but your case might be the exception that makes it worth a shot. You can even ask your instructors, if the step is your fear, go a DZ with an Otter, plan to stay there for a couple of days and get 4-5 AFF jumps done. That should be enough to get you over the fear of "release", and by the time you come back to your home DZ you should be confident and comfortable enough to get over that stopping fear and push yourself away from the damn step. It's pretty incredible what those 4 or 5 jumps might do to you. My 2c. Makes sense. right now i am just focusing on the next step - my training tandems and get more familiar with getting out of a plane and understand canopy control. i am already set to get some tunnel time over winter and i cant jump anyway, for which i have to fly somewhere, may be should get thrown out of an Otter around the same time!
  10. I i am with you. i failed to execute the tasks given to me. I should have trusted my instructor and my gear, hell i go on a plane without a chute and this time around i have 2 and that magical thing called AAD which will deploy it for me if i turn out to be a moron. taking my next steps, waiting for my training tandems, and then will decide when to do my SL 1. i will also get some tunnel time.. to get that i need to hop on a plane and WITHOUT a chute !!
  11. First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who posted on this thread and who PM-ed me. I know we are all busy, some of busy throwing them out of the plane, some are busy thinking of the damn door (me!), and I appreciate the time you guys have taken out to write to me, encourage me and sending positive thoughts to overcome my demons. I was going to reply to all of you separately, but to keep this thread readable , I am going to make all of it in one post… About the teaching style at my dz - you have to make 1 SL even if you wanna do AFF and there aint any Caravan or Ottor here only 182 and 206. so I am not gonna get rid of the strut or the step anytime soon.. Till I move to dive exit at least @Maddingo - thanks for sharing your experience, in hindsight, I should have cancelled on the ground, but I was determined to jump out and right now don’t even know why I didn’t. I go over every details in my head and I can see myself climb out with jittery feet, but I just couldn't @Deimian - I understand fear is normal, I am about to do something very few people have ever thought of doing, something that’s normal and my brain keeps telling me this is crazy shit. I don’t generally freeze in high stress situations, I stop for a min (figuratively and I understand a min in skydiving could translate into a me shaped stain on the ground :)), understand whats going on and take steps that I think is the best way to get out safely. With the EP training I have, I believe I can execute them if need be, but I wont need any EP of I am not out of the door … ha @DrSher - Thanks for sharing your stepping stones to A license. Once I get my A, I will take you up on your offer :) @sammielu - thanks. I am doing it every night as I fall asleep. It usually takes me 3 seconds to fall asleep in normal days, with the visualizations, its taking forever, guess I have long way to go. the tandem I will be doing is going to be training tandem where I will steer the canopy, I will ask to pull the chute as well, but will see what my TM thinks. He looks like a very strict guy, something I appreciate in my teacher, I need to be pushed. I wish we had an Otter and someone will just kick my butt out the first time @dzswoop717 - will all respect, am not quitting. If they are laughing at my back that’s on them, not on me and honestly I don’t care. As far as I am concerned, I will keep trying, if it takes my 17 attempts so be it. I will learn from each one of them, there is always something to learn. For example, the first time I was at the door, I had no idea where the airport is, the second time around, I could at least identify it. Baby steps one may say, but we all took baby steps back in the day while learning to walk, bike, swim… and most have failed in the first attempt or first 7 attempts. If Thomas Edison found something else to do, we will probably still have candle light dinner every day :). If some people at my dz are laughing with a beer in their hand talking about me, I am absolutely ok with it. We as humans have forgot to laugh anyways. Don’t get me wrong, not criticizing you, appreciate your concerns and I understand where you are coming from, I am a teacher (more of a mentor) myself in my world of work and I mentor people every day and see them fail / succeed every day. We arent cut out to do everything, but I gotto find that out first. @Di0 - unfortunately there isnt one in 4 hour radius @crazydaisy315 - thanks for your suggestion and your experience. Wish we had a caravan out here, guess I have to work with what we have @PeteW - thanks. I am overthinking this, that’s for sure. @gunsmokex - You are SPOT ON. I tend to overthink everything and that’s exactly what I am doing and focusing a lot on "What If". When I was waiting for my tandem, I watched every video there is and obviously most were mal videos. You arent rash at all, I am same way. I NEED to quit overthinking shit. Also, I think you hit the nail in the head there… its my ego that’s asking me to listen to myself, who aint know shit about skydiving and not the trainer with more than 2k jumps. Yes, I paid for the jumps and I also got them a case of beer for my first quit :P… ever, in anything in my life. And yes, next time I am going up for a solo exit, I will decide before I go. it was uncomfortable as hell moving a full load in a 182 and then again in a 206.. I am surprised my JM just didn’t throw me out!! @ixlr82 - yeah I might go AFF, but I have to make one SL jump as per my dz rules. I am sure its there for a reason @Joellercoaster - thanks, I am gonna keep trying, but I don’t want to let my instructor down.. As a next step, I will do few tandems and learn everything I can about canopy control, so that when I am out there alone, my brain knows I have done it before and its fun. Hopefully a few tandems will get me little used to the noise and air on the door as well. @riggerrob - it’s the exact exit they teach at my DZ. And I wish they had a formal Tandem progression, but my JM is doing it for me. He is catching up with weather delays this week, so hoping I can get some tandems in next week and try SL1 right after it, if possible back to back. Thanks again guys , it means a lot to me that we have a supporting community like this. Priyo
  12. Had my SL FJC last Friday, i practiced till about 3 AM .. all my EP and counts. next day morning, i am only one in the class who could see the picture of the mal, tell what the name is and do the right EP. Come jump time, i am the first one (being the heaviest) out of a 182, the door opens and i hear the command - get out and stop - i did. the second command - go all the way out... i froze. its not the fear of height (or may be it was), but i am terrified of fall, which in retrospect is funny because thats why i am up there... but all i could think about is i cant pull myself out the door and stand on the step. i resisted, the JM asked the pilot to go around, i tried again and didnt go out. they had to swap me around with a full load ... and i took the ride of shame down. later in the day, i went back again, practiced EP and Exit out of a 206... same thing, i just coudnt go out, all i could think is i will fall and hit my head or something on the step. as i was coming down, my JM said we need to come up with a plan of attack , may be some training tandems... i wanted to do that anyway, couldnt get it scheduled due to weather delays... so in a nut shell i am going back again this weekend to do a couple of training tandems and then try SL again. dont have a tunnel in 600 mile radius so thats out of question. I will do it, i know, i never quit and i am stubborn as hell.... but wondering if anyone out here have a similar experience to share and how they overcame it? anything i can do to not think about hitting my head on the step? any feedback and suggestions are welcome, if you are about to give me the "skydiving is not for everyone speech"... well i am doing it no matter what, no matter how long it takes and no matter how many training tandems i have to do... just need some help getting over my fear.
  13. Thats what i am hoping. Though i did my first jump, anytime i am looking at the video... or trying to relive the moment i cant wrap my head around the fact that i will willingly throw myself out of that plane. guess the only way to overcome it.. is to throw myself out a buncha times!!
  14. Alright folks... after 3 reschedules due to weather. i finally did it last night and i was a life changing experience. Things are yet to settle in.. but ... true, it doesnt feel like a fall, more like floating with a lot of noise. i was a little scared to be very honest when i stepped inside the cessna, looked around the rusty interior and the duct tapes all around and i was more concerned about the plane ride than anything else. at about 2k feet the emergency door right next to me starts rattling and i am telling myself.. fuck i am the only guy here without a parachute!! Anyway, we finally reached the jump altitude, ready to jump when the pilot asks my TI .. hey can you close the emergency door.. WTF?? he tried, he couldnt and said fuck it, we are ditching this plane anyway :) the freefall lasted about 3 seconds, at least thats what it felt like, in reality it was about 25 seconds or so. all i remember was i kept looking at the horizon, arched and a video guy flying all around us and before i knew it.. the chute opened. I had an alti, but completely forgot about it and didnt even realize it was there until we were under the canopy and the TI said, remember the ali i gave you... look at it Now we are dangling at 6k ft and all i can feel is he is doing some adjustments / fiddling around with the harness. I am telling myself.. i dont know shit about skydiving, but i am pretty sure the thing he is fiddling with is keeping me alive. in a few seconds he asks me to stand up on his feet.. i didnt even know you can stand up on someones feet 6k ft in the air he did his thing and slipped a little, or so it felt and i was like WTF just happened, he smiled and said i was loosening the harness.. i am like really dude? later after we landed he told me that he never tells this to any first jumper,but they disconnect the bottom to hooks after the shoot opens, it helps with the landing. it didnt make much difference in my life because 1. i am starting my FJC tonight and eventually will do it solo and 2. i am alive, so who the hell cares what he did. What i missed is the canopy steering, because we lost a lot of alti while trying to get my heavy ass adjusted. rest of the canopy ride he showed me what holding area is, landing patters and base leg, wind sock.. and i dont remember a word he said .. lol Over all, as i said its a life changing experience, if there are people out there who are still on the fence.. go do it. you wont regret. when he was turning the canopy, my head was spinning a little, i am hoping it would go away with few rides and next time i would have to steer by myself so wont have time to pay attention to whats spinning and whats not!! Starting my FJC tonight and then first SL jump tomorrow. i think i am going to switch to AFF after the first SL. at my DZ that's the rule, first time have to be a SL, then you can switch Thanks all who commented on this post, the experience you shared is much appreciated