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  1. The only way you'll get a truly objective metric is with a calibrated sensor, in this case, an accelerometer. The only altimeter I know of with an accelerometer is the Dekunu (https://dekunu.tech/tech-specs#tech-specs-1) Then you would need to determine your variables that you'd like to correlate with, and collect this data (line type, broken stows, riser type, etc.), if you are looking for root cause. Otherwise it could go back to subjective (your accels said it was an instantaneous shock of 10Gs - did you see stars? break/dislodge anything?), or you could compare it to a military standard that has done the research to identify what G-forces cause what effects. Then do some statistics magic (ugh) with your questionable sample size vs the population and huge variability of gear, technique, etc. It's not impossible - it just requires a lot of stars to align. So back to the "objective metric" - what are we trying to measure, and why? Are we trying to find a correlation?
  2. Great article on this in the Parachutist: https://uspa.org/p/Article/rating-corner-what-the-is-a-rating-renewal-seminar-anyway-1 From the article:
  3. IANA DZO, but I'd bet you could find a lot of information at the USPA DZO Conference - connections, where/how to secure a loan, maybe sample/template business plans.
  4. 210 Skydives as of today, 32 years old. One thing that really helped me out was yoga. I found that the body position awareness and flexibility helped more than any strength training did. That and starting VFS - in my experience, the time limit/pressure of VFS really makes you forget about the details of how you are positioning your body and gets you to start flying on muscle memory.
  5. I've just passed the 10 hour mark in the tunnel, and I have just started nailing sitfly to head down backflip transitions. Starting on the last Level 4 skills next week (front flip to head down). Checked off on all Level 1, 2, and 3 skills in IBA and I've started flying some Intermediate VFS with a buddy.
  6. Hey Will! Welcome to Colorado! As I'm sure you've learned there are a few dropzones around here. Out of the Blue is a great DZ, with great people and great vibes. I'd also recommend checking out Orange Skies when it re-opens this spring. If you live in downtown Denver like myself, and are ever looking for someone to carpool with, let me know and we can coordinate. -Taylor
  7. If it's not on Instagram, it didn't happen. /s
  8. Hey all, I want to get a tablet to bring to the DZ that I can use to make sure everyone's looking super sick on that last jump, transfer videos from other jumpers' cameras, and edit videos during weather holds. I am loathe to return to the Apple product line, but if that's the consensus I guess I can sell some fluids to buy an iPad. Does anyone out there have a current setup or a recommendation for something like this? Show me what you got! Thanks!
  9. Hello all, I'd like to get a large printed map of all the current US dropzones for my office, so I can start putting pins in as I visit each one. I found one available here that looks a little dated, when cross-referenced with the Dropzone.com list: https://bestmapsever.com/products/us-skydiving-dropzones-poster-map Did anyone in the skydiving community contribute to this and/or know when it was last updated? I'm assuming it's the Cartographer listed on the site (https://bestmapsever.com/pages/artist), but I wasn't sure if anyone in the community worked with him to make it. Finally, would any of you be interested in working together to get an updated map?
  10. Hey all, Are any of you Florida wankers going to be jumping Saturday or Sunday? I'm flying in Saturday afternoon and hope to camp out in the packing room overnight for a full day of jumping Sunday. As a gesture of goodwill, I'm bringing along a bomber or two of Denver beer along with me - any requests?