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  1. You may want to call the DZ. I'm sure they'll be able to answer your questions. Blue skies.
  2. That's their old website I believe. The new website is
  3. Graduated AFF and happy to be a part of this community! Nursing a banged up knee due to a few rough landings but eager to get back up. Just wanted to say hello and would love to connect with other L.A. DZ friends!
  4. Just realized the sticky has the CIs info. Apologize for the post!
  5. New AFF graduate nursing a bum knee but wanting to keep flying and progressing. Not 100% sure how tunnel time works for frequent fliers but I am interested in the following: 1. Good Coach at iFLY Hollywood, CA. 2. Any advice on saving money on tunnel time. Thank you in advance for your time and responses. Blue Skies :)