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  1. Hello there! Crystal Sanchez here from Skydive Elsinore. I have a 10-way speed team from Elsinore going to Nationals this year in Eloy. Coming up soon! It's a bunch of skydivers with 200-800 jumps. We've trained just 5 days so far--so it's sort of a pick up team. We have 6 committed and we need 4 more to join us. The experience level is average as most have not competed on real 4 way teams at Nationals before, but everyone is having fun, has learned a lot so far, and is looking forward to the experience of competing at Nationals! We are all going for sure, just are looking for 4 more people to join. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected] ASAP. We'd of course LOVE to get some experienced people come join us to make us better, and, since we'll only have a day or two to train together once we get there. Registration for 10-way speed is Wednesday, November 2nd, and we must all be available to jump Wed-Saturday Nov 5th. The competition is 6 jumps, and will happen after 16-way is over. More info on Nationals here: http://www.skydiveaz.com/events/11_uspa_nationals.aspx Thanks so much and please pass this note on to anyone who you think would know someone who'd be interested! Thanks! Crystal [email protected] -Crystal
  2. I'm jumping in the UK at the end of the month for 2 weeks. Probably going to Netheravon and Langar. Anyone know if there is a dropzone.com kind of website just for UK folk. I'd love to start making some connections before i get there. Crystal crystalsanchez at aol dot com -Crystal
  3. YES! the Drift! Thank you! I will be looking into it soon! -Crystal
  4. The last couple weeks at the DZ, guys have been mentioning a new small camera to check out...it's not the GoPro, not the Contour, but another one. He said a lot of the Europeans use it. Anyone remember what it's called? I want to check it out. Was it called the "Level" or something? Ahh! I can't remember. Thanks Crystal -Crystal
  5. I've had the Cloudflyer WristWrap for years and it's great! Love it and could never go back to the standard loop thingy around the fingers. It's super comfortable and has great support around the wrist. They don't sell them in stores, so you have to order from Michael who make them directly at [email protected] -Crystal
  6. Fun to read these posts, cool! Antonjia, I guess I'll be crashing at the bunkhouse on sunday night too! See u there! -Crystal
  7. Hi Ian! HI Pops Jumper! Sorry no Danica this weekend...she's racing in the IRL until June. I'm a big Danica fan too! I'm staying in downtown Atlanta at the Renaissance on Saturday night, so I'll be closer to the Farm than the speedway! If anyone is driving over and can give me a ride Sunday morning that would be cool...otherwise, I'll just rent a car! :) I leave on Monday back to LAX Looking forward to making new skydiving friends in Atlanta!!! Crystal -Crystal
  8. Great! Thanks for the info everyone. I've jumped at Skydive Atlanta a loong time ago, so I'm looking forward to jumping at The Farm! :) Crystal -Crystal
  9. Hey there! I jump at Skydive Elsinore, and am working in Atlanta this weekend. I brought my gear...but don't know if it's too cold / no jumping going on at Skydive the Farm or what? I know at the Ranch in NY, we're open any weekend it's jumpable in the winter. Anyway, I'm working at the NASCAR race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, and will be done working Saturday night. Looking to drive over to the Farm, jump if it's not too cold, and fly back home on Monday. I've got 500+ jumps, mostly RW, but I can sit and stand too. Lemme know if you know of anyone who'll be there! Would love to make new skydiver friends, even if we don't get to jump. Other option is to go to the NASCAR race on Sunday! Crystal -Crystal
  10. Just saw a demo jump into Invesco Field (Mile High Stadium) in Denver just now on TV on Monday Night Football! Who was it? Anyone know? He/She was carrying the US Flag. Very cool! I know it happens regularly, but it was cool to see on prime time TV! Crystal -Crystal
  11. Yeah...it was a great experience! Going to Nationals for the first time and seeing what goes on. The rain was really annoying bc we didn't get to do our practice jumps together on Sunday, and it took 4 days to do 8 jumps. We were also 4 people who hadn't jumped together before so it was tough! We came in last place :( :( But we're hoping for a moral victory with winning "best team name" on the USPA's website. Will get mentioned in Parachutist if we win! We learned a TON! I'd recommend anyone who even thinks about going to Nationals, put together a pick up team and go next year! Crystal -Crystal
  12. You know, the USPA is having a poll on What is the best original team name. Go here if you want to vote: http://www.uspa.org/NewsEvents/News/tabid/59/Default.aspx#10560 May the best team name win! -Crystal
  13. I like the idea for this thread! My fantasy team is doing VERY well so far. Yay! My 2nd win...and I'm in 2nd place out of 12! I love the Steelers and the Giants! And now the Jets! Go Mark Sanchez! Take those Patriots down!!! -Crystal -Crystal
  14. I've got a 2nd person committed! His name is Vasiliy and he's from the Ranch (in New York). He's got 500 jumps and 10 hours of tunnel time (all RW). And all within the last year or so! Super current! Anyone else interested? C'mon, you KNOW you want to! Crystal ([email protected]) -Crystal