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  1. OXN

    Safire 3

    Will be able to shortly- mine is currently en route from NZ. I'll update this thread with info once I've got a few jumps on her.
  2. ......................................................................... On a more serious note: some tandem instructors mount a small, convex mirror on their (left hand) altimeter strap to allow them to check drogues without twisting their necks into pretzels. I was actually wondering about this the other day, and was unable to find any further information. Good looks. Anyone have firsthand experience with Mirage's TRAP system?
  3. Hah, yeah right... my 64 Peregrine is staying on the shelf til I have at least 75 or 80 jumps.
  4. It is, so my actual exit weight will put my wing loading closer to 1:1. My main is a Safire 3 which, by all accounts, is about as forgiving as you can get in all the aforementioned categories. A good balance between performance and stability, I think.
  5. Without starting an "RSL vs. Skyhook" thread, my choice to go with the former was intentional. Good call on the hook knife; forgot to add that to the list! I actually wear an ABC watch that has a surprisingly accurate altimeter (Suunto Spartan, for anyone interested) in addition to my purpose built alti- one that's audible is definitely on the list, though. Appreciate the input!
  6. Hey all, Decided to commit to my own rig after around fifty jumps. My background is kind of unique- I'm a triathlete and generally run 20-40 miles a week, and my productivity at work directly corresponds to my ability to perform at that level. Between this and a conservative introduction to the sport, I designed my rig to be almost obnoxiously safe. I'll list specific items towards that effect below, and I'd appreciate other suggestions about anything I may have overlooked if anyone has them: - Light wing load (189 main for a 165 pound pilot) - Canopies and lines in excellent condition (used reserve with zero rides, new main) - Custom sized container - Assembly and inspection by master rigger - Type 8 risers - New AAD - RSL - Belly Band - Analog Alti (no battery requirement) - New, custom-fit full face helmet (with cutaway system) I'm sure this sounds like overkill to a lot of the D license plus types on here, but I'm trying to make sure I've exhausted every means of risk mitigation out there before I start taking her out every weekend. Lots of packing practice and jumping safety homework go without saying for me. So, what did I miss? Thanks in advance, guys!