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  1. And what the heck was that segment early in the show where two black dudes took credit for coming up with the stunt, and "scripting it", in order to brand their product (the chewing gum?). Are they taking credit for Luke's stunt, or did they really think of it first, and go to Luke to perform it? It was just weird. A skydiver was putting his life on the line for this stunt, and they were just gleeful about the promotional aspect of it. It left me wanted to scream; "Who the frick are you guys?"
  2. I didn't see a good sense of "ground rush" on the video either. I was hoping to see what that must be like, since most people who experience it don't live to tell.
  3. Well, that's not going to look good on his asylum resume.
  4. "Melania Trump Did NOT Plagiarize Michelle Obama’s Speech And This Is Why…"