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  1. wilk_88


    I completed the entirety of my A llicense at Jumptown. Chose this spot because of the rave reviews I found online and I can definitely say they live up to the hype. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and safety oriented, both of which prepare you and put you at ease as a new student. These folks absolutely love what they do and give 100% to each individual who rolls through, whether it be a student, tandem or spectator. I have a buddy who just started AFF and I was lucky enough to ride up when he did his first jump. I was extremely impressed with the instruction/attention he received, which was the same I got and, I'm sure, the same those before me got. NOT watered down and just running through the motions. The same can be said of the entire community at Jumptown. Any time I had a question there was always someone willing to help. There is a camaraderie here it feels like a new family. I read reviews about cliqueiness (is that even a word?) at other dropzones and Jumptown is the exact opposite....a tightly knit, yet very welcoming group. I feel so fortunate to have found such an awesome dropzone and this review can't even do it justice. Would unequivocally recommend coming here.