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  1. Anyone jumped the Chronos altimeter watch? It looks interesting and comfortable, but just not sure how functional. I'm comparing it with a Viso. Any thoughts?
  2. Any chance this will fit in the audible pocket for a kiss helmet?
  3. Fair enough! My first suit shows up this week. Super excited! I'll post some pics and feedback once I get it in the air!
  4. Just south of Wilmington is Skydive Coastal Carolina. They have a Cessna and a King Air. Pretty nice folks, but a little disorganized. It is right on the intercoastal. It is also my home DZ.
  5. Not to be a cheap bastard, but anyone have a good discount code for Vertex?
  6. Thanks! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a mild winter.
  7. I will be in Baumholder from October to April this coming year. I'm not deterred by the cold, but what DZs run all year round in that neck of the woods. FSZ Saar is near by but they close at the end of October. Any recommendations? TIA
  8. *** The GSA price for the various military Cypress are just over $4k (depending on specific type).
  9. "The main lift web is the vertical part of the front of the harness--the webbing that your cutaway and reserve handles live in." Correct me if I am wrong, but if you need this defined than you should not be jumping. Know your gear, or no jumping.
  10. Here's one for you, what of we started using drones for video? Give it a year...
  11. My question is will this bring down tunnel prices in the States by breaking up their strangle hold?
  12. Check this out. It is how we flat pack our 360's at work.
  13. Well said. Yes, I would still pay even if it were not mandatory. To turn a phase from our Founding Fathers, if we do not fly together, then we will surely fall apart.
  14. Awesome! I'll look into it next week. Now I have a starting point.
  15. I have on my 360. It took a fair bit of time and strength to stall it, and I'm 225lbs in my birthday suit. But a lot of guys have never even thought to try it. It really is those of us that straddle the military and civilian jumping worlds that try it. But we are a minority I'm not trying to build a team of MFF swoopers. However,when we jump with combat equipment and O2 at night on a unmarked, unlit, and unknown DZ but the spot was wrong, that the guys can pilot the s**t out of their canopy to a safe out.