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  1. Many reasons....a few of them are 1 the taste 2 to relax 3 to get drunk 4 for breakfast 5 to get rid of the hangover I have from last night and most importantly...... TO HELP UGLY PEOPLE HAVE SEX!!!! the ugly people would be myself
  2. I agree!! I believe in God, and Jesus Christ. I pray and have faith in that belief. I live by the belief that "Everything happens for a reason" good and bad. However...organized religions have been used by man as a tool and method to control society..in all religions, christianity, muslim, budist, etc. May faith does not control me, it supports me.
  3. and they were probably from Texas Coonass by birth, Texan by choice.
  4. I didn't say investors that want to make money. just investors.I will send them to you as soon as I sell them my ocean front property in Az. And, i am perfectly willing to move furniture, kill anything and mow the lawn....I will work for jump tickets and beer too, lots of jump tickets and a lot more beer. AA is for quiters
  5. damn, another one off the market, but I was really only looking for employment and complaining about my job. I need a job so all i have to do is drink and skydive. Maybe I can find some investors and open a dz!!!!
  6. Do you need a pool boy? anything? i want a new job
  7. I'm dave, i work for a construction company, i tell them where they are and how much it cost to get there and how much it will cost to finish. My office sits next to a 60' x 30' tank full of sulfuric acid in a plant that disposes of hazardous waste......I want a new job. and I own a construction company with two business partners...but we are yet to do any business...anyone need anything built?
  8. dave610

    Hug Please?

    hey my fellow Dave from Texas, I dont even like huggin myself but I know the feeling of needing a hug, so I will suck it up and send a hug vibe and a prayer. Hope everything works out ok, another dave from Texas but not an aggie, a SHSU alum with all I am hearing about it I guess I should come check out aggieland, been a while since I went out in the "station"
  9. How many wives will wake up in the morning with nots on their head from banging the headboard, because their husband was thinking about "The hottie Bachelorette" tonight?
  10. Good, as in something that I will be able to use in a variety situations, i.e. freefly and RW, won't crack if I drop it or crash in it, and is comfortable. I know comfort will depend on fit and the my head shape, but I am looking for other's opinions. I will definately try on and jump in as many styles and makes as I can before I buy anything. All I have jumped in is a protec and a frap hat, and didnt like the frap hat. I was only thinking "fashion over function" by all means you have to look cool, but don't want to buy anything that is known for being a piece of crap. Thanks for all of yall's advise. dave
  11. I am looking at buying my own gear now that I am off student status and would like some suggestions on a good helmet that will last, is comfortable and I can use in freeflying and RW. I am leaning toward a velocity, mostly due to price and I have seen several people with them at the dz, although I have not asked if they like them. Any suggestions would be great. dave
  12. Although I hardly ever agree with what the elected officials decide to do, I would like to point out history shows war generates stimulous in the economy several years following. Examples, WWII and the end of the great depression and the sore of the stock market in the late 90's following "Daddy's War" in the early 90's. this I believe is not only due to the needs generated by war but the security the population begins to feel several years after a war / conflict is concluded. That being said, watching the economy slow and stock market fall over the past few years, a war / conflict and excessive government spending now may be beneficial in the years to come. However with that spending and tax cuts, will the deficit increase? most likely in my opinion because the increase in tax dollars generated int he future will only go to pay for needs in the future, again, what has been spent in the past will be forgoten and refered to as debit. i guess we can just wait and see.
  13. Rosie. She is fading into her true insignificance. Why is it that "celebreties" confused their popularity with a sense of self-importance. I could not have said it better myself. In my gun carrying, registered republican, conservative opinion, rosie is definately one of the most annoying people on earth. Did anyone see her interview Tom Seleck a few years ago..she showed how close minded and ingnorant she really is. Ok, i will stay off my soapbox now.
  14. I have only jumped at Skydive Houston so I am a little partial. But I could use another good coonass out there, look forward to it. and Brit, Not all of us from La are related to ourselves twice. Just most. dave
  15. Being a newbie, and having spent a small fortune in only two months, I understand why all skydivers are broke. I now count money in intervals of number of jumps it pays for. And think I am going to need a second income to support this habit....so how much do you make with that awesome whipped cream licking skill? that may be a job I can handle.
  16. Thanks for all the advise. I have talked with a rigger already and he is going to look it over and repack the reserve. If all looks ok I am going to jump it a few times. I have unpacked the main and been using it to practice packing. The packer who is teaching me, said it looked in really good shape to her, but she is not a rigger. 42 jumps on the main. thanks, dave
  17. I am looking at a used rig of a friends and would like to get an idea of what it is worth. Can anyone help me on what a fair price range would be? This has been his backup rig and not jumped since 1998, only 42 jumps on rig. Infinity container - mfg date 1996 with Sabre 170 main PD 170 reserve with no rides It does not have a AAD Thanks and Blue Skies, dave
  18. I made a tandem on November 8th and haven't slowed down. Went thru AFF in a week and got my A-license in barely over a month. The only thing I am enjoying close to as much as jumping is the people I have met, world class is an understatement. Now I am about to spend my life savings on gear and jumping more. I have been looking for gear but am apprehensive about buying from online ads. I want to have a rigger look over whatever I am going to buy before I do. Does anyone ever try gear before they buy online or do I just have to chance it? Also, any recommendations would be great. Thanks and Blue Skies, dave