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  1. Not being an engineer..separating water into H2 and O2 with electricity seems simple but how do you separate the two gases? I can see how mass production of H2 gas will have many issues to solve. Also, H2 gas requires O2 to be supplied for it to burn, so O2 would also be needed to make a H2 burning engine to work. H2 burns at a very high ambiant temperature, that takes very tough engine or an effective cooling system, not using water, H2 and water bad combination. Water would be the exhaust created however. damn, i should have stayed an engineering major.
  2. The process of producing Hydrogen gas is to separate the Hydrogen and Oxygen of water molecules, H2O, with electrolosis. it is a rather simple process. The only by product is Oxygen. The only hold up is the Oil industry controlled Gov't and Auto industry.
  3. Then you can use the cleaver pickup line of "you want to spank my monkey"...Let me know how that works for you?
  4. Then you can get her from them, you just have to be willing to go to the lengths you will have to, and be ready for the speculations, and fallout, it is not an easy decision. Try getting a unbias mediator to work with you and your parents, alot less expensive than court and your parents will see how serious you are about wanting to raise your child yourself.
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    Rig travel

    Quote On a side note, I think its kind of scarey that the amount of metal I have punched through various parts of my body doesn't set anything offQuote not knowing exactly where you have extra metal, but guessing, I can imagine the questions and responses you would get if they check you with a hand held metal detector. get ready for the strip search.
  6. Do you actually believe that? Do you think that we are going to just sit here perfectly safe because we are in the USA? If we start a war in the middle east, there will be more terrorist attacks in the USA than can be imagined, that this the only way they can contend with the USA. and that is "war comin' this way" I agree with everything your saying about what war really is. Maybe it was titled wrong. I think this thread was started by a person trying to say "war is likely, support the men and women who are being called to action and be PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN" Pray, or whatever it is you choose to do, for a peacefull resolution to this. If this does turn into a war,and god I hope it doesn't, I believe it will be like no other we have seen in history. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY AND THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO PROTECT IT!
  8. Your confusing me which thread I am reading Men, we are nasty self centered scum, just one more reason why I like women so much.
  9. That is because most Cops know what requirements exist to get a CHL. They know that most CHL carriers are honest law abiding people. I dont have my CHL, YET, but my roomate has gotten let go by almost every cop that pulls him over, because he shows his CHL to them as soon first thing, as you are required. They respect that. The biggest misconseption I have heard by people opposed to guns and CHL's is that everyone that carries a gun is trigger happy killer waiting for an oportunity, that we shoot first and think after. I cant speak for the masses, but in IMHO, most people I know that have CHL's are very, very under controll emotionally. They know the power of their actions. Before anyone straps a gun on their hip, they must understand the consiquencs of using it. You pull it, you better be willing to use it, you hesitate and your dead. As with skydiving, it only takes a split second to end a life and you can't change your mind once you do. DONT CARRY ONE IF YOU CANT HANDLE IT. But dont tell me I cant because you cant handle it. Hold people accountable for their actions and they will think before they act. My $.02
  10. 1:0:0 1 job interview scheduled for this Friday, WOOWHO, because I hate my current job. Everyone Cross your fingers please. No jumps, clouds and rain suck, therefore no beer owed, but drank a lot .
  11. The Dixie Chicks definately did our National Anthem justice. Very Good Job. I did not like Celin Dion singing at all, where ever she is from didnt matter. She tried to make God Bless America sound like the Titanic song, make me gag.
  12. How is your relationship with your wife's ex? Two crazy fathers may scare this kid away and keep your daughter from getting mad at you.
  13. Had the reserve repacked and my cypres put in it and made 5 jumps on it last weekend. Love the way it fits and the canopy, BUT, the main flap came open once, didn't prematurely deploy but was flapping in the wind, not really FF safe. The rigger who did the reserve repack said the rig looked brand new. he did the main inspection with me and everything is in great shape. So I am jumping it for free until my boss wants it back or I get a new job and he gets pissed at me. I most likely will try and find a mirage, vector or something that is FF safe after I get several more jumps rather than buy this rig. FYI, the only velcro on the rig is the cutaway and reserve handles and toggles, and they were not froze up. everything else is tuck tabs
  14. Great, last weekend hardly anyone was there and it was great weather. And all yall missed the FREE jump out of a CASA that stopped in Sunday morning to fuel up. But, noone woke up Jerry, so he was a little mad. See yall this weekend, dave
  15. :5:alot!! so many first I don't want to list them all, but here is a few First jump out of a Casa, for FREE!!! First 4 way First head down, not planned but we just stayed there, and sit, Its cool when people put you in fun positions First Time to be rodeo'd and I bought a new helmit too. GOOD STUFF!!
  16. WHY? Why would you want to poke holes throught a part of you body that is only ment to be treated nicely? That's just wrong!!!!
  17. Now I'm hungry...with a decision to make...drive all the way accross Houston at 5:00 or go visit College Station? I miss being 45 minutes from there.
  18. Thanks, you both confirmed what I thought. Not knowing alot I wanted to asked for some opinions with more knowledge than I have. Thanks, dave
  19. I have been looking at Kurupee suits and read alot of good reviews about them. I am thinking of getting one but don't know whether to get normal or thick. I fall pretty slow so I was planning on getting the tight fit. If anyone has a Kurupee jump suit what fit type and cotton type did you get and do you like it? Thanks, dave
  20. If it runs, crawls, flies or swims, I have most likely eaten it and it was good. Afterall I grew up in south Louisiana
  21. I am bad at being productive at work ever since I found dz.com
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    QuoteLOW: Realizing I have to take a drug test first. reply] True story..We drug test everyone where I work, One man had someone else pee for him.....we knew this because she was on birth control. I can still see his face when the safety manager told him "I think we have a problem.... are you scared your might get pregnant or something?" He just walked out of the office without saying a word. High - Clear blue skies Low - I'm at work and cant get enough free fall time jumping off my desk
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    Lupus Sucks

    www.lupus.org Lupus Foundation of America, Inc. 1300 Piccard Drive, Suite 200 Rockville, MD 20850-4303 Phone: (301) 670-9292 Fax: (301) 670-9486
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    Lupus Sucks

    The Lupus foundation...I have a very close friend who has lupus and is in remission and is VERY active in the foundation, raising money for research and stuff. I dont know if they have a web page but will find out from her and get back to you.