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  1. Hey guys! I'm looking to buy my first altimeter and I really like the fit and feel of the altimaster galaxy iii. My questions is pretty simple. Should I get a white face or glow face? The white face definitely looks a lot nicer aesthetically, but when it comes to skydiving aesthetics aren't exactly my top priority! Why would you recommend / not recommend a glow face? Thanks
  2. Skydiving feels like controlled chaos and I find it really helps when I read things out loud to myself. By saying the number out loud I force my mind to not skip the number because I have to actually read it in order to say it, not just glance at a meaningless number. I'm really new to skydiving so I haven't tried a digital altimeter but I like analog because I can watch it wind down instead of just seeing a number displayed. But seriously try saying things out loud. Your brain has a tendency to think faster than you can keep up with so this forces you to slow down and think :) Good luck!
  3. I jump at the Parachute Center. I love the atmosphere and people there. Almost got everything I need for an A license, I'll unfortunately have to wait for one more trip because I need to finish up by demonstrating I can pack a parachute without assistance and do a final dive with an instructor. I got this cool video from a coach who was helping me with my fall speed since I'm only 120lbs. I sideslip horribly at the start but I can fall a lot faster than I used to be able to! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPLpv5RNzbI
  4. Hey guys! I did a tandem last year and since then I've wanted to jump out alone. So two weeks ago I completed my AFF in 7 jumps and this weekend I'm going to try and finish up the requirements for my A license! I recently got a Cookie G3 because I loved the look of it. I really want to get into camera flying (once I have 200 jumps) but it sounds like the G3 is bad for this due to a lack of any decent quick release system :( I'm Canadian but living in the silicon valley for the summer doing a software engineering internship. I develop video games and work on a game engine. Anyhow I figured I'd introduce myself, I've only got 22 jumps but I'm really excited to get into the sport!