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    Poor piloting causes canopy/PC guywire snag

    Couldn't have said it any better. "...he had plenty of time to do that, it was 4 secs before he hit the wire." Oh and - if you mess up at least look like you are in control. The invasion has begun LOL.
  2. freakydiver

    Video with GPS data overlay

    Thats cool stuff man!
  3. freakydiver

    Huge Aperture Rebate

    cool product...
  4. Take an average of how quickly it craps out on you during average use case scenarios? That's what I do with video gear because when shooting in the cold in the backcountry here in colorado i get drastically different run times off of my batteries compared to warmer weather shooting. But - its predictable in both cases...
  5. Use the search posts function as all of your answers are in this forum (-:
  6. freakydiver

    Acquiring BASE skills?

    think canopy control skills
  7. freakydiver

    Sony Error code C:31:23

    Check this out...,_C:31:23_P29252/ Not hugely helpful - but hey, never know...
  8. freakydiver

    Acrobatic BASE

    A local gym with gymnastics instruction is one place to start.
  9. freakydiver

    From the Denver Post

    Fuck vail resorts and all that they represent. Hi we are going to charge 71 dollars for a lift ticket. GO SHANE!