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  1. There you go again, implying that I am a republican. I am nothing of the sort, so stop it. I am staunchly independent and not corrupted by any ideology.
  2. I did read your post. You are not advocating for impeachment, but you are implying that it is a possibility. I know you are no dumb ass, so you also know that it is indeed not a possibility. But yet for some reason, you want to spread the word that it is.
  3. You know for a fact that impeachment is nothing more than political propaganda because it requires a two thirds majority vote in both the house and the senate and that of course is not possible under any scenario. It is just a side show for the mid term elections. So since you know that as a fact, why would you keep pretending like it is a possibility?
  4. I AM aware. And I am also aware that they are BECAUSE of the tariffs.
  5. Am am certainly not right wing. They are equally crazy, but we are not talking about them right now. If you want to talk about how delusional religions are, then that should be a different thread.
  6. You very obviously know little about the matter. Trump imposed world wide tariffs on all steel and aluminum imports as a response to the oversupply in world markets caused by Chinese over production. Canada just got caught in the same net as everyone else. YOU must know very little. The trade war and tariffs are a direct result of Canada refusing to renegotiate the abomination called NAFTA. Canada has been ripping us off for a long time.
  7. They started the trade war because they refused to renegotiate the abomination called NAFTA. The tariffs are just a response to that. Again, you are confusing tactics with strategy.
  8. And here is the fatal flaw in your reasoning^.
  9. He imposed the tariffs in response to Canada refusing to eliminate THEIR tariffs. This is one thing I hate abut leftists. They can't comprehend the difference between tactics and strategy The tactic is to use even bigger tariffs, the strategy is to eliminate all tariffs. But you are so blinded by rage and hate that you can't even see the simple concepts anymore.
  10. The Saudi Prince reacted to a tweet sent out by a Canadian official by starting a war of words to stir up his population and distract from domestic issues. Almost Trumpian. Economic war with the USA? Are you making some sort of threats? Or just engaging in more over the top hyperbole? The point is that your own country is falling apart before your eyes and all you do is meddle in other country's business. History shows this is a really bad idea. And if you all think that a very violent and bloody war is not a possibility, then you are delusional and should go back to school and study history. Freedom loving people will only go so far to appease the tyrants trying to strip them of their freedom.
  11. Considering a convicted criminal picked the VP, you are probably right. Why is Canada picking a diplomatic war with Saudi Arabia and an economic war with the USA? You know what usually comes after that don't you? It won't end well for Canada.
  12. Leftist extremist efforts to make their case is so often rooted in condescension, hatred and ignorance that it’s deeply alienating. You just alienated half of the US population just to get your kicks. In my humble opinion, we are in the early stages of a really dangerous time. I don't think the leftist extremists realize how close we are to violence. Did you look at the first comment on this thread? Your confirmation bias is showing. The forum in which it was posted is irrelevant. Free speech does not protect someone from the consequences of their speech.
  13. Leftist extremist efforts to make their case is so often rooted in condescension, hatred and ignorance that it’s deeply alienating. You just alienated half of the US population just to get your kicks. In my humble opinion, we are in the early stages of a really dangerous time. I don't think the leftist extremists realize how close we are to violence.
  14. I think it is a bit of a slippery slope. What if your neighbor borrows your rat poison and kills his wife with it. Are you liable? By the way, most states have none of those ridiculous storage laws. And there are no laws at the federal level. An unloaded or locked up firearm is about as useful as a paperweight.
  15. In other news, another victory for the NRA and all freedom loving Washingtonians.
  16. In other news, a US District Court judge issued a preliminary injunction blocking a ban on possession of magazines holding more than ten rounds of ammunition in California. Subsequently, the 9th circuit upheld the ruling. Yet another victory for freedom and defeat for radical authoritarian leftism.
  17. The gun-rights lobby outspends, out-organizes and out-maneuvers gun-control advocates at both the state and federal level consistently. Around the country, states passed more than twice as many laws expanding gun owners’ rights than they did gun-control measures. You'll never hear this of course on the leftist extremist media outlets because it doesn't fit their radical authoritarian narrative. Meanwhile, the US supreme court is now decidedly pro-second amendment, and will be for years to come. Even the liberal biased 9th circuit court of appeals recently admitted (ruled) that carrying a gun in public for self defense is a constitutional right. The next big story (which we'll never hear on mainstream media) is that California will be forced to allow law abiding citizens to arm themselves, even in radical extremist safe haven San Francisco.
  18. What the NRA is doing is two fold. First, they are suing Cuomo and NY State for blatant abuses of power. And having read the suit, if they can get an impartial judge, this is an open and shut case. Sadly, Cuomo’s arrogance will cost NY State taxpayers dearly. Second, they are capitalizing on the leftist extremist media hatred as a fund raising tool. The left are the kings of screwing themselves with unintended consequences of their actions. Like the old cliche goes: never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. The NRA isn’t saying that they’re broke, they’re saying that if the NY state regulators manage to block their ability to enter into legal voluntary ordinary financial arrangements with banks and insurance companies, they’ll be unable to continue doing business in New York. The leftist extremists keep losing on guns. They simply can’t persuade rational, reasonable adults who have experienced reality that they’re safer without effective means of self-defense. Additionally, their effort to make their case is so often rooted in condescension, hatred and ignorance that it’s deeply alienating. The louder they scream and the more they stomp their feet, the stronger the resolve of freedom loving people becomes.
  19. In other news: In 2017 Gun rights advocates scored new victories in states across the country as legislators voted to expand access to guns and implement new protections for those who carry concealed weapons.
  20. In other news: Another huge win for the NRA... The traditionally leftist extremist court, the ninth circuit court of appeals, rules US citizens have a constitutional right to openly carry a firearm for self-defense in public. I wonder what will happen if it gets appealed and subsequently heard by the US Supreme Court this fall?
  21. I'm sorry, I was drunk when I posted the link. But on the other hand, listening to some music is a better use of bandwidth than reading the mindless drivel that you people spew on this forum. Did you ever stop to think about the damage you are doing to the reputation of skydiving? That is all this forum does. Ruin all of our reputations. You are proving that the typical skydiver is about as smart as a bag of hammers by posting the nonsense I see on here.
  23. There are 2 main reasons I decided to increase the activation altitude of my Cypres2 to 1050 feet AGL (that is +300 above default setting). 1 - Over the past decade or so, there have been several fatalities (something like a dozen or so) where the AAD fired at the correct altitude, but the reserve failed to open in time to save the person. I have looked, and have been unable to find, any examples of people dying from having a two canopies out situation. That is not to say there aren't any, but it is at least far more rare of an occurrence. I know someone on here will spend hours looking for an example fatality just to say I am wrong. But the fact is that the probability of death from 2 canopies out is FAR less than the probability of dying from the reserve not having enough altitude to open. 2 - The dropzone I jump at the most has a geographical feature nearby that needs to be taken into account. Jump run regularly has jumpers in freefall over a hill that is 300 feet higher than the altitude at the landing area where one typically activates the AAD. If you are in freefall over this hill, which is a very real possibility, and the AAD fires at the correct altitude, you will be 450 feet above the ground. I am not comfortable with that. So adding 300 feet would put me right at 750 above the ground over this hill, and 1050 above the other areas. Of course I have adjusted my opening altitude and hard deck accordingly.