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  1. Alter altimeter waterproof test For more info visit out official website
  2. Sorry, we have too many things to do last months and have forgot about this case. Our developer will contact you soon and answer to all your questions.
  3. This is how our (on Alter altimeter) LCD goes with polarized sunglasses (photos in attachment)
  4. We're new to global market, but we're quite popular in post-Soviet countries. So, reviews are mostly in Russian, but reviews in English and other languages will appear soon. If smb have one of our altimeters, please write reviews, it will be helpful for us and people, who are looking for altimeter. You can find some reviews in our official fb page Most of margin goes to RnD, new audible altimeter and firmware update for digital altimeter will come soon. For more info visit Regards, Alter team.
  5. You can adjust leg strap as you wish and it won't be too tight or relaxed. Photo of leg mount in action is in attachment 30$ for shipping to US via EMS